SharpE Delphi Desktop Environment click on image to see larger size and here for the program. The taskbar at the bottom is a mock-up as the program that i used to do the screen-shot wouldn't do the taskbar um its similar though it also has a system tray like windows does.
It is very configurable and easy to install/uninstall ( for hacking level TREEFROG .... scale i use to describe hacker expertise may put a page on it someday...) um if you want a fast search with multi-Threaded engine and database support for windows files there try my file search program BasePE ( screen shot below showing artists impression of transparent menu bar )

My desktop replacement program pHALTLime ( screen shot below shows coloured button icons from pHALTLime desktop tool bar and the transparent toolbars of SharpE desktop environment )

Main page all images creative commons my programs under GPL here is a link to filestore to see if I have put pHALTLime on the net yet.  Skinning Chrome browser with Stylish extension application.