Revolution Ad Resurgam

Immortel Ad Vitam fan page. (put up by The Venerable screen grabs from the movie extra fiction from the legend of Nagajuna the Empty)

Hey you up in that pyramid wake up and smell the revolution. 


KaliSatan (Bastet and Anubis) in their pyramid overlook the city. 

Avatar of KaliSatan (Horus) dispatches a Naga (serpent being) a creature created by NagarJuna the Empty (aka John) excerpt from "Verses from the Center" by Stephen Batchelor.... "Nothing comes from Itself or Something else or both together  or without a cause."

Background: Nagarjuna went to the underground serpent world of the Nagas to recover the texts guarded by the Serpent king.

Head of serpent king as it searches for Nicopole and Jill.

Horus operates on Nicopole to give him a steel leg cut from the underground rail line as devotees of Kali walk past on some  mission of the light.

  Nagarjuna says goodbye to Jill


Wheel versus Pyramid in battle scene. 



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