This is a page to help you with setting up Firefox proxies to let you see web pages that you want on the Internet or a help for more recent browser like Chrome click here ( also its HEAPS easier to set up )
Many countries like my own Australia have set up firewalls to stop people browsing the internet freely.  We say to
the government that we are adults and don't need your patriarchy.

Vapid Virupa (i use this handle but i am not a monk anymore just use it for anonymity I use reCapture
encryption technology click on the email address below (underline character)

You can see my views on euthanasia here

Ps I wrote this one before checking out Tor if you want a easier way of changing your
anonymous status try my help file for Tor here a bit harder to setup though)

How to

Firstly you need to locate the right settings page witch is quite buried inside some menus. In your Firefox browser go to Tools menu at top of the browser and down to the last item Options menu item the window below should come up if you have a recent version of Firefox (click on image for larger picture)

Go to the Advanced tab selected in Blue below.

Now click on settings button you will see the box below appears.
Click on the Manual proxy configuration and put some number below

Now you have to get a proxy number from a web site i recommend and become a member its free and they are a nice helpful group.
 I have Xed out the number to protect my proxy server details also i don't want you to use
one that may be out of action when you read this help. 

The 174 in the beginning tells you it is in Canada we can use that  info
later to check if it works ok oh and don't forget the Port 3128 value that will be listed on with the other xxx IP number in the same row much as it does above.

Hit Ok and your ready to rock with some testing

To check you can set your URL in the top of your browser to (see image below but don't put that will come automatically as you are redirected) If you see a web page not found message you may have to try another proxy server number there are plenty on that site

This Google is a US based seach engine you may be familiar with it uses the .COM extension in the US ah ok we can use that to our advantage :)

Google switches traffic from countries like Australia to their local servers based on their IP address so you can check if Google is fooled by our new proxy server setting

This means that if you put in (US server) in your browser you will be sent to normally if you live in Australia
now your proxy has been set you will find you are sent to (Canada's google search engine)

As google now thinks you live in Canada ah the sweet smell of maple leaves,freedom, French bread.......... (here is a screen-shot)

Some problems you may encounter

If you use a service like Google mail you may find it doesn't work anymore so you should
turn off the proxy during mail sessions this means you aren't protected during mail sessions to
get around that you can use the email that your ISP provides you say you are with 3G Mobile Broadband for you
ISP you probably have as your email contact you ISP for that info.

Just go back to the menu and click on the items to get you back to proxy server setting and hit No Proxy
the numbers will stay in there when you go back you can just hit Manual proxy again without entering numbers
this time.

Don't forget proxy services can go down if attacked by government forces ........ check now and then that they are still up if you cant connect in the future you may need to get another IP number from proxyBlind :)


PS here is another screen you may come across that i did a screen-shot of just click on the image
for bigger size.  Google may think once a day that your a robot if it does just click on the im human button  (robots sometimes use proxy servers to do spam etc) just put in the text that google gives you
to enter and all is ok again.  Your privacy is a on-going battle so don't worry you are helping to
get the message across to politicians to change.

easy proxy surfing set-up for Chrome browser with Hola plugin

more info about captcha and redirection to another search engine

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