( This image captured 7th Jan 2011 at 1600 by 900 res image click for larger  under Windows Vista )

( This page 1600 by 900 pixels on Windows  edited 12th Jan 2011 this shot shows the Vista gadget bar showing the clock gadget and the calendar and taskbar (buttons are now more centrally placed click for larger image )

( image of win XP version with small icons enabled, the screen res 1024 by 768 running with Delphi SharpE desktop for the toolbars. Tthe SharpEnviro taskbar taken from image of taskbar on Wikipedia see the link here and info about their creative commons license system )

Above is a picture of my pHALTLime desktop tool hard at work on my TV/Living room computer to help me see the icons and text ( Vista's icons disappear and move about a lot..... click on it for larger image )

Above is a snapshot of more recent development (click image for larger one) umm it has res is 1440 by 900 it show the new pHaltBar  taskbar manager replacement program.  When its running on your computer you can use it instead of the grayish windows XP one oh it uses windows injection so don't forget to turn of windows security when installing it :)

Some information about this page it is a teaser for a program that I have been working on to launch programs under Windows Vista on my living room TV computer.
I used a tool for the construction of the buttons.  I will give some explanation of its working here with a image to help you first.  It starts with a hairy Lime coloured creature that has the ability to be scanned by the program to make a outline of the picture.  I used my own picture to make the diamond shapes for the button above.  You need Delphi to make the code for this as the Gabe's OddForm Assistant generates that code. Click here to go to part 2 for this program development  and instruction documentation or go to part 3 of development ( working on the configuration section of pHALTLime ) instructional documentation