How to install peBuilder3110a ( see shot BartPE booting under Linux here )

What you need 1. windows xp with sp2 or better streamed into it 7--Zip for opening    archives
              2. a nice USB stick i used a 4 gig as files can get messy.
                           3. These skills      A How to use media (dvd, flash drive etc)
                                         B Batch file processing (editing command scripts and DOS type command such as copy, xcopy, expand, dir, cd, etc )
                                         C Memory types (RAM ROM FLASH etc)
                          4. Tech skill level (HIGH)

1.Download pebuilder3110a from the net then execute peinst.cmd (the peBuilder install script)

1. Copy this directory or download peBuilder to your hard drive (C: root is good
as it may have some links to that in the scripts
although i have tried to make it drive independant)

2. Execute the pebuilder.exe program you may want to
   make a link to it on the desktop.

3. Fill in the Source field with the drive link to your USB with Windows
 files or Windows DVD in the Source field (in my case g: drive)
(Picture goes here)

4. Put in the link to the Custom files that come from
 windows 2003 service pack 1 (you will find them in
pebuilder3110a\srsp1 directory on DVD/USB

5 Put in the Output the directory the program will use
  for temp files (BartPE) on mine

6. Make sure the Media output is None as we don't need
   to make a iso of these temp files.

7. Click on Build on the middle button on the wizard

It will try to do the build here is sample error output bottom of page from the log
created Errors are bad and so are warnings.


edit the paths in this file pe2usb2.cmd see why below and delete the file pe2usb.cmd
that comes with peBuilder archive

 basically they will hold up your windows boot so You need them!!
not to worrry after much searching on the internet i found the answer so here it is so you won't
have to work as hard as i did first you note that these are sys files that is a name used to
denote files used as drivers for the system. Drivers run things like hard drives etc.
All you need to know is that they are necessary and you have to find them to continue
3Ware9k.sys is a Raid controller and they usually live in compressed files with a similar name
ie 3ware9k.sys is in 3ware9k.sy_ note underscore or underline character at the end?
this means that you have to look on your system for the driver of that name but use the
underscored name ie 3ware9k.sy_ note I have changed the original script that came with bartPE
to extract the files from the 3ware9k.sy_ format use the expand command like this

%systemroot%\system32\expand -r g:\i386\*.sy_ %_base%BartPE\i386\    
 *see Note about expand name mangling at findandreplace.exe below

or expand them somewhere else and then copy them to the needed drive location
the /y switch suppresses questions etc

copy /y g:\*.sys %_base%BartPE\i386\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS

This will use expand.ese from the systemroot ie C:\windows\system32\ in the case of my development
hard drive as you don't have to use it for the copy command.

The -r switch tells the expand to rename the files as they are extracted so you end up with
something like

note the extractor doesn't change it properly to the sys extension here i use another program
i wrote called FindAndRename.exe in the programs directory of this web page or in the peBuilder
dir at (your install)peBuilder\programs or you can write your own batch file
 that looks for *.sy files and replaces the .sy with .sys

From peBuiler file called peBuilder.log

PE Builder 3.1.10a
Copyright (c) 2002-2006 Bart Lagerweij. All rights reserved.
Running OS Version: 5.1.3600 (Service Pack 2)
Source product is: Windows XP Professional
CD-Rom name is: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 CD
Microsoft Product Code: 56576487
Product channel ID is: Volume (270)
Source build: 3600
Build process started
Removing directory: D:\pebuilder3110a\BartPE
Directory removed: D:\pebuilder3110a\BartPE
Building registry

Checking for missing files
Warning: File "3ware9k.sys" not found
Warning: File "3ware78k.sys" not found
Warning: File "3waregsm.sys" not found
Warning: File "aec6210.sys" not found
Warning: File "aec6260.sys" not found
Warning: File "aec6280.sys" not found
Warning: File "aec68x5.sys" not found
Warning: File "aec6880.sys" not found
Warning: File "aec6897.sys" not found
Warning: File "aec67160.sys" not found
Warning: File "aec671x.sys" not found
Warning: File "ahpt3xx.sys" not found
Warning: File "aac.sys" not found
Warning: File "aar1210.sys" not found
Warning: File "adpu320.sys" not found
Warning: File "aadpu320.sys" not found
Warning: File "a320raid.sys" not found
Warning: File "cda1000.sys" not found
Warning: File "aarich.sys" not found
Warning: File "amdbusdr.sys" not found

Don't worry about these files yet the Pe2usb2.cmd batch file will take care of it as long as you have the files on your system somewhere. 
Hint you may find them in cab files such as so download some program that can access
cab archives.

You need to look as i can't remember where i found them on my system.

Now if you have build your bartPe.iso image (a archive file with all the other files in it)
you need to boot to see if they work.

The best way to test if the iso you made will work is not to try it on the flash drive
you can but its much more quickly accomplished with a program called reatogo-240 this program
has a iso boot function that will make life much easier.  It has a virtual machine type
affair that runs the iso boot in a virtual windows environment. Note it works only in
windows XP so you 2000 ppl can't use it. The virtual PC is called QEMU
This comes with reattogo (but i don't use the rest of the program use BartPE to do the compilation as
you need to do it in separate stages if you don't have the sys files) and here is a picture of reatogo-x-pe.

It is run by clicking on the Test Boot ISO button. Then select the bartPE.iso you have made
in the previous step.

Here is the boot happening in 3 parts you can set the space to 512 meg for booting RAM in the QEMU that comes with


UTILITIES i have found useful and others I have cobbled together

Here is my program FindAndReplace.rar for copying .sy files to their .sys counterparts on someones GO machine :) with 7-Zip program inset with the necessary sys files.  *Note about sys files they are expanded incorrectly for the program to use effectively.  The expand program under dos expands the files to xyz.SY instead of xyz.SYS you
have to use my find and replaces filename program to fix it.

Some places for BartPE stuff for sys files look for the one related called DP_MassStorage on the x86 platform for a emergency recovery boot disk.  You can get other drivers there for modems,graphics cards, etc but this will do for now. 

Oh if you want to search for those sy_ files on your system you can find a good search engine for windows here

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