People's (Anarchist Alliance for a Autonomous) Democracy

The peolple's autonomous destination website in Cardiff... Cymru am Byth ("Wales for ever" hello to Ken and all my relatives in Aber from New South Wales)



Wales and Anarcho-Syndicalism

the PAD in  Cmryu

Thailand (wikipedia entry for PAD Thailand)


Virtual (computer gaming and fun motto is "Make games not war!")

Australian computer groups featuring PAD artwork

Intro Screen 1

Intro Screen 2 from Operation Temple Rescue

Screen shot of work in progress Battlefree Thailand Mod ( now porting to BF2 ) level using the Arsenal modification of Battlefield Vietnam from EA Games. Thai Royal Air Force versus combined Cambodian Army and rebel PAD forces near a abandoned monastery site over the Thai governments control at a disputed border area ( modded op eagle Pull from Battlefield Arsenal)  you can get Arsenal from the MODDB site or BFMODS click on images to see larger size) for the parachute for the Thai emblem i used a 3D model computer model from a helmet i used on this page

Next screen moving out from the main base showing the PAD flag looking a bit shot up and a old truck I am wielding a old trusty AK47 :)

Here I have taken over the enemy base here i am using a older style gun admiring the sunset.

 PAD defeat being awarded the Ironarchy award for bravery in combating violent tendencies:)

find and replace the objects.rfa file in the Arsenal directory (need to install BFV Arsenal first) file soon to come!

Some information and Panarchism (Global Anarchy) recent triumphs of PAD (recently stopping Kevin Rudd our former prime minister in Australia from landing in Thailand for a Asean trade meeting of globalisation and stopping Airports it helps get the idea that global warming activism is needed now!)

Using camouflage patterns for your game and the Guerrilla Insurgent Military Program Gimp click on link for more info