OdysseusXword a crossword compiler contraption.

This is my crossword program (again) i have written one before but this one is better because it has Graphics32 for  the
display of text here is a example screenshot of the crossword display unit click on the image above to see bigger
its only a jpeg so not near the quality of the finished product but you get the idea.

DONE and TODO LIST completed 11th April 2010 (for other interested programmers)

1. Crosswords display unit now ready for testing of algorithms.  My first algorithm is going to be a spiral in towards ths center of the crossword (not yet completed).  The display unit consists of a matrix of  25 by 25 image32 dynamically created objects.

2. Text (words and numbers) done

3. Colours basic letter and number colouring and background filling

4. Basic print to bmp image format (clue printing not done)

5. Basic word insertion checking (if word goes to edge of screen it just safely ignores in and doesn't error)

6. Built a suite of programs to edit data (crossword cruncher  , crossword splitter etc these programs format
comma delimited lists into indexs and other formated word lists)

Here is the new version codenamed (The CruziVerbalist )

Sample output from version 0.18 above the numbering is still a bit messsy.
last edited on 10,Oct,2010 to the Cruziverbalist page here

Using my favourite tactic to recycle old codes i use mailmaniac to send created anti surveillance pages. Note this program runs under windows and mailmaniac is Linux so you have to create them using VirtualBox.