Occupy your media!!!

Below is a gadget to obtain entry to the emotional support group if we think your cool enough ( any blocks any dissenters............:) here is Wikipedia on Occupy movement and our google group below.

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This is my occupy Sydney web page  ( now a emotional support page too : ) ( note the opinions here are just mine occupy doesn't have a centralised control structure )
I spent a couple of nights there this week ( early october 2011 ) pleasantly cool from the breeze off the harbour.
That's all for now just keep on protesting and keeping things alive so we can maintain a long term encampment.  What is it about just about anything to do with modern methods of government can be changed to be more humane and efficiently respect the environment and people is what we are about.

As the cool spring breeze wafted about the cold hard bench and concrete pavings I contemplated the boots of the police endlessly marching about my head and got slightly dizzy. 1 am 2 am 3 am  .... ah SLEEP ( hee hee )

But a bit more seriously though how can the actions be seen from another perspective or in a buddhist context?  Here is the theory of Dependant Origination but in a nutshell it all stems from fear ( impermanence of conditioned thinking about Wealth, health etc ). More clearly explained by the greatest revolutionary of all time the Buddha......

Mahanidana Sutta [D.II.55-71].

"In this way, Ananda, conditioned by feeling is craving, conditioned by craving is seeking, conditioned by seeking is gain, conditioned by gain is valuation, conditioned by valuation is fondness, conditioned by fondness is possessiveness, conditioned by possessiveness is ownership, conditioned by ownership is avarice, conditioned by avarice is guarding,[*] conditioned by guarding and resulting from guarding are the taking up of the stick, the knife, contention, dispute, arguments, abuse, slander, and lying. Evil and unskillful actions of many kinds thus appear in profusion."

From fear ideas of protection originate and hatred to those that don't share the same fears.  How can we expand our compassion to others while we have the apparatus of fear such as such as extreme police powers of arrest or murder
of protesters such as what is happening in Egypt and Syria?