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Based on a article in GreenLeft newspaper that is published in Sydney that i got from a vendor outside of Everleigh Railways protester stall at market on  Saturday the 9th of May 2009

An article by Stu Harrison was in the paper titled " More attacks on internal dissent" on page 18.

7 activists have been arrested in the latest attack on internal dissent in Israel, Ha'artz said on April 27

The groups that help to promote non co-operation with laws that make Israel citizens do compulsory national service. The groups Target 21 and New Profile object to war as it harms the principles of democracy, freedom of expression and the right to political association with any person or group that is not envolved with the promotion of violence.

The militarisation of people in Israel is exposed by showing the day to day realities of Israels occupation of Palestinian territories.  We object to any  involvement of the military in social issues. All governments should avoid using force against civilian peoples this is a largely ineffective political tool.  This is another example of what i call the Thousand to One policy of governments involved in "wars against terror" in which a thousand of the enemy is killed for every one of "ours".  Example during the first few months of 2009 there was a attack against Gaza strip where a thousand people where killed.  The thousand to one continues in the media during the same period a bush fire in Australia that killed over 100 people was given a thousand hours air time (advertisements included) on TV while the killing of over 1000 people in Palestine was given a hour or 2 ( mostly on channels ABC and SBS in Australia )

Help refusniks or as they are known in Israel as the Shimistim hundreds of high school seniors signed onto a conscientious objector pledge.  Israels' further rightwards shift is making internal dissent even more dangerous. As Neta Mishli a 18 year old eplained before spendin 20 days in a military prison for refusing to serve in the IDF (Israel Defence Force) "I am not willing to be part of an organisation committing war crimes, taking the lives of thousands of innocent civilians, an organisation that in the name of democracy, forces me and my peers to sacrifice a period of our lives, and or lives themselves for false calm for no calm shall come to pass until Israel decides to give up the policy of war and turn towards peace.

Therefore as a small step towards stopping the cycle of bloodshed.  I hereby refuse to enlist in the military."

Target 21 refusenik site.

and new profile 


How can you train for refusal in the workplace or while looking for work? If you are on any government business in your own country try and do a "sit in" this is most effective in areas such as big employment offices where corp/government interests don't like  to be seen to be using the military/police publicly for their own goals. Just say something like "I refuse to go to another job interview unless it is productive in getting me a job" .... then when asked to move away say "I refuse to move until i see the manager" then when the Security man comes over say " I realise you are here to guard against violence but I am doing no violence to anybody and If asked by the Police I will go to Jail " 

 Workshop non-violence issues with your friends locally beforehand to become confident if you have any worries you can view the short movie "Cherries" shown on SBS showing  standing up in the school to violence by the state. 

Cherries tackles a controversial statistic in Great Britain that they regularly recruit under age people into the armed forces.

Cherries is available with all the other Sundance 2008 shorts at the websites listed in the introduction, and Tom Harper’s previous short film, Cubs, is available to view at the BBC Film Network.

They usually back down because in Australia the costs to keep people in prisons is 200 000 dollars a year (hence the big push recently to privatise prison camps in Australia)  Private camps can use more torture with less government oversight so I oppose all privatisation of prisons. Or the use of torture (see this link on torture memos) on any prisoners. Also the use of White Phosphorous (burning chemical torture) on civilian populations.

Jewish Voice for Peace

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