This is a program IDE ( Integrated Development Environment )to compile .net or c sharp type programs called Nosdrum.
Nosdrum stands for Netduino Open Source Delivery Resource Unifier and Manager.
 It helps you to deliver a one click type installation and maintenance software for your Netduino microcontroller board users.  ( say you have a petrol station and the Netduino does the sandwich machine you can talk to the software to recompile itself via the IDE if you wanted to remotely apply a software patch to the machine say.
Hmmmm that's the direction of the program anyway :)
At the moment it compiles/runs .Net programs and has a rough notepad style editor.  It has a example .Net program to convert Watts to Horsepower and was taken from the Euro conversion program of Dr Bobs at ) have a look there for more information oh and click on the image for a large size one.

The idea was that i didn't like the interface to the compiler for the .net assemblies used for the Netduino micro-controller board so i made my own that I could distribute to end users and they could make small adjustments to their code and to the interface itself if they have a Delphi 32 compiler.  I use it for my Breadmaker project here

Now i can compile programs i am waiting for some code to upload it to the Netduino ( any ideas welcome )
Warning 240 volt information ahead please ... I assume no responsibility for any procedures or advice on this page please take care with ANY 240 Volt or high voltage potentially lethal equipment!!!!!!!
Ground yourself and test every wire you touch with a 240 volt tester beforehand.  If you have any doubts whatsoever about your competence then don't proceed.

My next project is a Netduino bread machine.  It has a Dual winding single phase electric motor that has 3 leads (Red, Black and White ) this allows you to send 240 v to the black and white winding to start the motor ( Dual winding motors have one for the running and one for the starting because they are high torque )  These sorts of motors are used in things like Bread-makers as they need lots of twisting energy to work with the dough.  This is controlled by a 240 volt relay driven by 12 volts DC as the power of the motor is only 100 watts and is only connected for a second to start the motor.  You can drive a circuit with a Triac too and this is the next section on power.

The second high voltage control for the Bread-maker is the darkness crust for the bread.
This uses a Triac to adjust the wave form of the 240 volts to increase or decrease the power to the heating coil. Here is the obligatory sine wave picture :) copyright wikimedia commons. as you can see if you cut the wave you decrease the amount of power. It is a triode for alternating current. ( and the circuit symbol )


 To adjust that I think i may have to design a circuit board myself as there are no sheilds just circuit designs i have  found on the internet so far.

I use a Triac circuit myself to control and test the motor and element here is the one i use
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Stephen P,
Mar 28, 2012, 10:14 AM