This man was killed in custody while in a Palm Island jail. Further updates on this case can be found at

The trial heard Mulrunji died of internal bleeding after his liver was cleaved in two across his spine and his portal vein burst under pressure. Much like the death of Mr Ward the extraordinary violence of police in dealing with people in custody has to be deplored.
Also for whites like me it is a warning and wake up call to protest we can not sit idly by and think we are immune to similar treatment in detention and subsequent cover up.   If Mulrunji Doomadgee had been white, the same apparent cover-up would probably have occurred. Intimidation of witnesses is not always just undertaken by criminals under suspicion or threat of legal action.  The culture of self-protection in investigation of criminal liability in deaths perpetrated by police while they have control over people or being transported by security vehicles as in the case of Mr Ward who was boiled to death in a prison van (see link above).

Apart from the cause of the fatal injuries, and whether it constitutes manslaughter, there seems to be an irrefutable case for criminal negelect.
No medical assistance was given to an obviously badly injured man. 

When will Australia's police make a lasting commitment to stopping obviously callous indifference to the fate of incarcerated Aboriginal people?
Maybe a independent monitor and  a ongoing federal government inquiry in is needed with targets to meet in repairing years of neglect in guarding against abuse by those police that think violence is ok . It would be to watch out for areas such as palm Island and other areas in Queensland  and WA that have a history of police violence against indigenous populations.