Here is the 2 XRF's hooking up note if you want 801 wireless you need to use the Gainspan module from Sparkfun.
Um the antennae don't need to be touching like this of course that
was just for the photo  ( click on it for larger one ) Back to previous page or to Monotreme page 1

Filestore ( for the serial code the file is called thanks to the Netduino forums for that one um
the file there is called serialPortLearn i added the Plus if you the N+ board and did the assignments for you ,,
the ones of the other files I haven't done yet but it compiles ok )

Here is more of a plan for the over all hookup. As you can see from this plan I have changed the setup
the red Xbee shield is no longer needed and I will be using 2 DFRobot/Xrfs below is the Alarm
 side of the system connecting the Lenovo notebook and laptop.

and this is the receiving setup above it is a Laptop used to receive the signal and fire the alarm in another room.  The effect of this is to simplify implementation of the software involved.  This is a rather hardware heavy implementation but it allows you to separate the code for control looping of the alarm with the code for remote maintenance/upgrades. 

um you could use this short range coms for a secure local network outside of NSA internet surveillance systems ...not from local capture but combined with encryption would be a interesting short term solution. Here is another ok working in this mode would probably require NSA or other agency to use local receivers for a man-in-the-middle attack ( XBee's send the same signal to all XBees in the area or they could use a coms van ) which they could use to decrypt later data later ....

Date added September 17th 2011

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