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 ( Where to get the programs such as MFDepoy.exe and Microsoft's Visual C Express free evaluation version to compile the codes on this page click on the programs link above )

MFDeploy initialisation screen use the Device section to drop down to USB and the Netduino Plus should appear.
( click on image below for larger screenshots )

This is the tool called MFDeploy to start you with the Netduino connection with the values shown from your router or ( substituting your own from the ZenoProbe program to get your DHCP (Default Gateway) and IP addresses )

This is the Visual C# program deploying the alarm signal to the browser to receive alerts. ( click for larger image ) I used Firefox to capture the return message from the Netduino server ( In this case the usual Hello World is displayed in the top left hand side of the browser. Note also the ZenoProbe and CMD prompt programs to help you get your gateway and IP address for the Netduino. ( Hint here sometimes the gateway or DHCP server has a ending of 10 for some reason ie in this case it is so i suspected a good address would be and it works!! :))

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