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Firstly to setup the DFRobot's XBee/XRF (picture ) to Serial (  or USB port )
The DFRobot is a small interface card with USB cable that connects
directly to your computer I don't know if it can handle much else but
what it does it does OK.

Look in the Device Manager in windows for a entry like the one below
If you have a broad band 3G modem just ignore those like the Vodafone entries listen under Ports
you need the USB Serial Port ( COM11 on my computer ) just click image below for larger image.
NOTE if you haven't installed the FTDI chip drivers you wont see the COM port listed !!! therefore
you  need to download them see link below image. The Future Technologies Device International
is a chip+Board to help the XBee or XRF to understand your computers serial coms without the
need to create your own circuit note the XRF runs at 3 or so volts so don't forget to see about
that ( although I just hooked them up together I don't take any liability for any frying of chips on
your system  or anywhere else even if warned elsewhere ) .

1. Next ok ... !??? no com port no worries.... download the FTDI drivers here then you should see a extra entry like the one above ( click on image for larger.... can't find the Device manager? its in the control panel in windows 7 or under system button in earlier versions ) I used CDM_20814_Setup.exe so my help is current of that file version.

2. Download and install latest X-CTU program from this link --> Digi XCTU Knowledgebase

3. Update the X-CTU program and a small dialog will connect to the internet and get extra data about modems it knows  how to use out of the box. ( opps i have exceeded my picture quota on google sites so no more images for now )

4. Go to the PC settings tab at the top of the of the program and enter this with no enter afterwards +++
    A OK ( in red letters will appear )