Motivation for this project, there are a lot of gadgets about and this should get rid of the following stuff. Doorbell, Sophisticated alarm  system  and Telephone call filtering system.  Most of these gadgets do their job ok but are poorly integrated and wasteful of plastic, electricity and your time answering fake calls causing trouble for elderly people.

The author of this webpage is not liable for any System Failures such as: inadequate installation,  criminal knowledge, access by intruders, power failure, failure of replaceable batteries, compromise of Radio Frequency (Wireless) devices, system users, smoke detectors, motion detectors, warning devices (sirens, bells, horns), telephone lines, insufficient time, component failure, inadequate testing, security and insurance (property or life insurance).  Also disclaimer for any legal costs for any injury foreseeable or not.

Disconnect any AC or Phone lines before working on a project.

Next page  (monotreme2) Setting up using MFDeploy ( micro framework deployment program ) and Zenoprobe
Monotreme25 Other programs to set up on monitoring machine C-TXU and FTDI drivers.
Monotreme3 Setting up a Delphi win32 program to communicate with the Netduino alarm panel.
Monotreme4 Some equipment to help you get started
Monotreme5 A Delphi book about .Net
Monotreme6 How to hook up the 2 XRF modules ( XBEE type wireless serial boards ) and project plan so far......
Monotreme7 Spin off from project a remote panel for alarm activation using Mex the Monotreme Ethernet or Xbee Serial bridge.
Monotreme8 Dialer for the alarm back to base system and a incomming call filter to stop crank calls to the elderly using the voice recognition ability of the EasyVR/Wave shield for Netduino/Arduino. Also see PhoneBoard

Good alarm project here with schematic and resistor values for the project

Download the file called from my open source file store in the Network security section.
I have started my own access control project using the Netduino Plus ARM microcontroller and IP stack to transmit over a local area network this uses the open source .Net language and Visual Studio C sharp to develop the alarm interface codes or Linux using Mono. Picture below is the alarm being programmed with a serial input and a Ethernet connection ( I got the enclosure from a old Sunbeam water cooler power supply and the wire protector from a napkin dispenser
click on image for larger size ).

( This allows you to use the alarm system as a router saving you dollars electricity  over usual alarm systems  see my web page at Linux based Routers here the picture above is of the standard version I am using the Plus version that has TCP/IP built into it.

Here is some example code in C sharp to turn on the inbuilt LED for a alarm activation warning. See next page for the code to run the remote alarm checking.

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