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Build your own Open Source Alarm kit 1 ( non RF id version or hardware keypad )

Gather parts ( Click for larger image )

Table of contents here
 Power supply 5 volts USB connection ( optional if you want the project to run somewhere away from the computer )
 I pod style charger from 2 dollar shop
( Australia )
 Breadboard cables ( pack of 30 )
 Ebay from Hong Kong dealer
 Breadboard with shield ( Optional )
Wireless XBee to Netduino interface shield
Wireless XBee to PC shield ( DFRobot setup here ) Note these shields are 5 volt and the XRF is 3 volt so if you are using that one use appropriate voltage supplies.
 Ebay from Hong Kong dealer

Seller info

Member id b2cqshop
 DVD/Web instruction :)
 From me not finished yet.
 XBEE's or XRF's
This help uses a XRF  ( from company by mail order from England.about 11 pounds )
 Netduino Plus and Mini USB power cable
 Little Bird electronics ( Australia )
 Manual and Folder
Old build your own Door Alarm project manual from a kit sold at
Basement Bookshop in Sydney ( Australia )
 Wire protecting enclosure
 Old napkin tray
 Grey plastic experiment box
 Old power supply box from Brita water cooler/filter
 Normally Open Normally Closed Magnetic switch for door opening detection.
 Jaycar Electronics York st Sydney