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This is a page celebrating Lambda Resistance group the only legal resistance group that has, to quote Google results search for the words Lambda and Resistance come up with (Results 1 - 10 of about 493,000) but many of these links are anti surveillance measures to ensure the anonymous nature of this movement !!! hmm as of May 2012 links have decreased to 300 000 roughly but still looks good to my neurobiology.

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Lambda Resistance  is a fictional resistance group the analysis of which goes beyond the scope of this article suffice it to say they use advanced social techniques to change the violent oppression of the Combine others see it as a local nonprofit, direct action, environmental group.In any case the Lambda Resistance  is a non-violent organisation dedicated to the overthrow of  the Conbine using Hunger strikes, pickets, candlelight vigils, petitions, sit-ins, tax refusal, go-slows, boycotts , disinvestment, Ethical consuming, Fair Trade,blockades, draft refusal and dodging ,disarmament,join unions , bargain collectively , strikes, workplace occupations, eat vegan food, free-range eggs, recycle waste and back to public demonstration again.

Antimilitarism is a doctrine commonly found in the anarchist and, more globally, in the socialist or internationalist movements. It relies heavily on a critical theory of nationalism and imperialism, and was an explicit goal of the First and Second International. Whereas pacifism is opposition to violence in general, anti militarism is opposed to war between states in particular and militarism, authoritarian, crypto-fascism,oligarchy, aristocracy, plutocracy,theocracy, propaganda, censorship, suppression of dissent and the military-industrial complex also in a broader sense, patriotism, and other forms of  right wing state based capitalist or communist fundamentalism ( gov of USA,Russia,North Korea ) or Jihadism ( parts of Pakistan ) Economic/human wage slaveryissues as violence against women, workplace discrimination and equal pay. family planning, contraception reproductive rights  mandatory ultrasounds that have no medical value other than a intimidation of women by republicans #waronwomen  or  globalisation of workers conditions by outsourcing. Barriers to market entry are used to reduce power of smaller economic units. Also by churning workers through low entry work like retail they label this Microeconomics by adjusting the every condition of the poor while avoiding similar micro management of richer members of society or a two tiered economy with its creation of a underclass or lumpenproleteriat lost to any ideas of class conciousness

they produce economic Chaos  while the outdated ideas of supply and demand  more suitable to 19th century mass production  and increases in productivity are used to justify this and caused the GFC by "Benedict Arnold corporations".[28]

 There are also many other great nonviolence leaders and theorists who have thought deeply about the spiritual and practical aspects of nonviolence, including: Leo Tolstoy, Lech Wałęsa, Petra Kelly, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dorothy Day, Ammon Hennacy, Albert EinsteinStanley Hauerwas, David McReynolds, Johan Galtung, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Ida Ford, Daniel Berrigan,Bacha Khan, Mario Rodriguez Cobos (pen name Silo)  César Chávez Rousseau, Henry David Thoreau,Michel_Bakunin and the Dalai Lama 

Many believe that the Resistance  is a leftist political philosophy encompassing theories and attitudes which reject compulsory government[2] (the state) and support its social change agenda. see Civil Disobedience (Resistance to Civil Government by Thoreau) elimination,[3][4] often due to a wider rejection of involuntary or permanent authority.[5] Many hold different views as to the economic organisation of society see economic theory;

Some favor libertarian communism, collectivist anarchism or participatory economics while others support free market systems like mutualism, agorism, or anarcho-capitalism.[11] Anarchist schools of thought ,differ fundamentally, supporting anything from  individualism to complete collectivism.[12] although many of the Lambda's have given up on this for a closer to the land approach of co-operatives and create a green charter or green economy.

Organizing themselves through groups like Sea ShepherdEarth First!, Root Force, or more drastically, the Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts, they may take direct action against what they see as systems of oppression, such as the logging industry, the meat and dairy industries, animal testing laboratories, genetic engineering facilities.

Many are infoAnarchists  Hacktivistscypherpunks and Crypto_Anarchists these are electronic activists that range from the Culture Jammers that use juxtaposition to show the hypocrisy of modern culture to those who subvert the common ideas of culture against its goals by plausible deniability, social Engineering , TOR  using cloud computing or android to run Tor Relay and Tormail that allow those behind Great Firewall of China  to have uncensored Cloud Services such as amazons EC2 and strong key encryption like my program DogPound47 fight against  telecommunications data retention, the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy Cabinet noir and Room 641A using Tor, I2P, Freenet , Chilling Effects Clearinghouse and anti  surveillance by using Allah or bomb in every sentence you email and web page you produce. This is led to what some call a splinternet  and tech lock in. A meme hack is altering a meme or idea to express a point of view not intended or inherent in the original. Some video games recently have had a position on social issues The FPS (first person shooter) type of game is known for its violence but games such as Escape from Woomera that fight against mandatory detention make a social position felt. 

  are groups that do subvertising like Occupy Wall Street and L'association Résistance à l'Aggression Publicitaire jamming has its roots in the activities of the situationists and in particular their concept of detournement.  Many want a free culture where media control by laws of piracy and property in the intellectual property domain are less biased towards large business and rich individuals. This has lead to alternative licenses such as the Creative Commons . These types of licenses  have effects even in medicine and biology where big genetic seed companies control few lines of crops. Copyleft and public domain software are patterns that big biological and genetic companies can follow to allow for people to retain ownership of gene codes for the use of all people :) and fight the promotion of a free drug policy is a fountain of government corruption which endlessly shows Administration agents paid off to let drugs pass through airport checks, to cops who look the other way or actuallysteal the drug money, to border patrol agents letting drugs pass through, to local government officials overlooking illegal activity.

The Pirate Party want to change these issues as are monochrom . Monochrom also involved in ""Soviet Unterzoegersdorf - The Adventure Game" (using AGS).  Here is the Communist Manifesto This document was written by Marx and Engels about Class_struggle with the Bourgeoisie 

Other documents such as the declaration of human rights have been used to promote peace and meditation to produce stability.

"Weiter für die Demokratisierung des Wissens" — Anon.

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