JEFF WATERS: As well as dealing with low income, these communities struggle with a high cost of living. There's plenty of wholesome fresh food in each community store, it's just that it's so very expensive. A food price survey conducted last year found items were often 50 per cent higher than the city. We found beans, for example, at just under $20 a kilo.

 Me: Only can subsidising cheaper food can support the community not state income management this will make a healthy lifestyle more attractive and less burdensome to smaller communities.   This rewards the wider community in giving them a alternative to city living and a healthy lifestyle option for those seeking to leave overcrowded cities with failing infrastructure.

JENNY MACKLIN, INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS MINISTER: Parents are worried about making sure that their money is being spent on the needs of their children and not being spent on alcohol and drugs. And the message coming back to me is that it would be helpful if they could have income management.

This was taken from the ABC website article here um yeah Jenny thats nice but you are a state sponsored terrorist against the people and as such can not ever devolve power to the tribe level.
This is just another reason to REDUCE freedoms in indigenous communites ( also the signs used are racist for example "NO PORNOGRAPHY ARE ALLOWED" )  make out the people are unable to  use pornography like the rest of the community can? are they all rapists and pedophiles? 
NO JENNY TERRORIST please remove these stupid conditions on the peoples will.

MARCIA LANGTON ( indigenous elder ): There is no human rights breach. In fact, you know, you can argue that if they are purported to have rights of self-determination according to the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and they say that they want voluntary income management, then they are exercising their rights of self-determination.

hmm you can argue for income management and self-determination, but you will NEVER get it from a state controlled terrorist government these forms of authority can never devolve any power to the tribal level all you achieve is making the government start the programs as normal for all people on welfare ( which will result in even greater attacks on smaller communities ) Capitalist ideology is to separate city based people from country , white from black etc to gain control of capital and to marginalise those alternative communities that don't rely so much on state welfare to centralise their control.
( not to empower smaller economic units as this would compete with larger based economies like capitalism's monopoly of control of production they can't have you eating Kangaroos and growing your own vegetables now can they ?)