Hut (kuti) Design and Design page 2 for a cad file for the hut made by Bhante

Free design for Buddhist Theravadin backyard multi level meditation area with central space for tree and Buddha Rupa (statue) and water storage tank upstairs for the monks/nuns temporary accommodation huts designed by someone who has lived in a hut! 



This is the layout for a hut using a minimalist design created with SketchUp. It has 4 equally spaced huts on the top floor these double as Sangha houses for 3 monks/nuns kuti's and 1 hut for the water tank. Upstairs areas have ample space for gardens and walking paths the gardens will shield upstairs areas from sun with lots of palm trees.

It should appeal to those needing a small scale hut/mediation area using a outdoor pavilion they can be used for the children as play areas.

style. The huts are small so fit in with local council regulations for play areas while being nicely spaced out with shade for upstairs covered walking meditation areas. (click on image above for larger scale perspective). The next image is a close up of the downstairs mediation area showing mat layouts for visiting Sangha and bronze Thai style Buddha Rupa.

Downstairs closeup it has a very Theravadin temple feel while maintaining light and space for utility and comfort. (click above image for larger view). This pavilion design is suitable for hot countries like Malaysia or Australian conditions. To fit in the Theravadin rules for monk/nuns (Vinaya) the hut must be roughly 3 meters by 3 meters they can be built separately and mounted later they cost about 5000 AUD each at last quote (prices may vary as we made lots of them at the time so got a special deal). Using pine and with demountable steel floors as they go on the roof the floors aren't needed so the quote may be less in price by up to 1000 dollars each. They can be put on the back of a 4 wheel drive and taken to other forest areas if you need that. All you need is concrete posts in the ground for them to be placed on if you use the steel floor option and Dynabolt (expanding bolt) them to the support posts. You need 4 workers to lift the steel floor into place on top of the posts then Dynabolt it to the foundations. The pine frames/plywood sides of each hut are then raised up into place and locked together on each corner windows are large on each side to allow for cooling ventilation throughout 4 sides of the hut. Another design i am contemplating is to have the kuti's with 6 sides like a Yurt to reduce the boxiness of the structure (my skills with SketchUp need improving for that).

These plans are free for non-commercial use but I would like to know if you use them as I would like pictures of the finished product. Original plan of the 1st story of the building was downloaded from the Google SketchUp repository (I added second story,stairs and Building entrance way roof). I will put the 3D model on the net soon i just need a faster connection. Its about 10 meg. If i haven't put it up please wait it will come soon. Try the original here and put in Mandala as the search term.

Models copyright under applicable GPL or (Creative Commons for images) by Stephen Jones ( full stop between ven and virupa remove nospam from email address). Images under Creative Commons License using evaluation versions of paint shop pro and SketchUp.No liablity for any design flaws or problems you may encounter using this design.