Tor/Su on the Huawei 8180 Phone

Android Administrator run level
Note for Tor article for Android see bottom of page for why you need SU for full app protection on your smartphone.

Here is some images and help on setting up the Huawei mobile smart phone based on the Android operating system 2.3 and using it to enable screen shots on your device. First we must hook up the device for creating super user.  If you are looking for the Eclipse development system click here . or for USB modem MF627

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THIS IS A HIGHLY TECHNICAL PROCEDURE AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT OF FEEL UNSURE ABOUT YOUR ABILITIES STOP NOW !!!!.  this page and images copyleft under the Creative Commons license look at Wikipedia for a similar license setup.

 Thanks now for the fixes and system requirements.  First a windows computer I tried this with windows XP service pack 2. So any other ones should be OK but I wouldn't on a Windows 7 starter or any other computer system that has trouble connecting to WPA networks as you need sometimes to use other internet will looking up FAQ sheets etc.  Oh  and a Huawei Ideos X1 mobile 8180 phone with Android 2.2 or 2.3 anyway whichever is the default that comes with the handset/usb cable for connecting the handset to the computers USB port. 

 The Android USB screen
 A game shot to relieve tension :)


Firstly download the packages needed for this procedure i did it with SuperOneClick i got from

You then also can get the Huawei drivers for USB i got the big archive ( about 10 meg ) that has most of the drivers for the Huawei series.  Install them then this should appear after hooking up the computer to the phone ( by the way don't use a usb hub for this as we want to keep it simple sexy and sweet ) ummm here is a shot of device manager from windows land * note there are 2 devices mentioned this is as it should be so don't sweat it, just for confirming you have correctly installed the drivers one as a hard drive one as a CD-Rom drive.  This means you should be OK for SuperOneClick now.  But I go a further stage just to try ADB (Android Debug Bridge ) to see it working ( see picture of DOS window below this one ) to find the Device manager under windows XP go to Start button->Settings -> control Panel -> System and under the Hardware tab you can find the button at the top.

I used version 2.3.3 shortfuse. Then download the SDK for android from the android site or find a package called ADBtools somebody put on the web for those files. ( me maybe soon )

First look in L:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools for the adb program and type adb you should get

Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.29

 -d                            - directs command to the only connect

                                 returns an error if more than one
 -e                            - directs command to the only running
                                 returns an error if more than one
 -s <serial number>            - directs command to the USB device and lots of information etc

Click on the Turn on USB storage on the android's settings screen and debugging development.  Next we need the shell environment to enable us to connect to the phone.  First you have to install the adb program its a program to connect via the USB to create a shell system so start the command prompt by going to the start button and run then type cmd ( for windows XP )
To start this sort of session you need to issue this command at the prompt

C:\android\adb shell

This command will start your connection or adb devices to see the serial of your device and confirm connection.
Once you are in you can then do a ls (list directory ) command and you should see the list below with directories such as config, cache, cust, etc. ( click on picture below for larger size )

Next we need a program under windows called SuperOneClick ( click for larger image ) this will root your phone for you in one click :)

After you do this you should have a phone operating very slowly with many exceptions ( errors ) as programs try to adjust to the new environment.  Don't PANIC i really felt depressed here.  You need to do a complete reboot ( hold down the power on button for 20 plus seconds or whatever needs to effect that process on your handset ) after a compete reboot you will have a perfectly nice root phone.   You can then go to the app store and get some root apps like the screen capture one or the Tor ( you can run Tor without SU but it helps transparent proxy more on TPs later ).


A few good programs you can see in the screen shot above.

1. Tor and Orbot/OrWeb ( above ) is the coolest secure browsing app for your mobile
see link here for more information for Tor on windows and linux just long press the green button once installed.

2. BoycottSOPA for action against companies
attacking the inter-net's freedom and how we can use divestment ( not purchase their goods ) to promote our causes.

3 I'm getting arrested to SMS automatically your lawyers when
you protest for Occupy Sydney.  where 4 years later you conqoured the NSW state government for false action against protestors and caused 100k damage to their coffers :) in the process........

3. Screenshot tool (superuser level) from the app market. ( made these shots )

4. Android sync manager is a useful utility for hooking up your droid to the PC via wifi.

5. BusyBox is a shell for using commands on remote systems here is my shot of busybox on the alfa.

6. A clockwork Rom manager.... O my chelloveks and only sons trully i tolchocked them that posions my SQL data .......................

When to use SuperUser and Tor?

I use Tor to make my phone a Relay ( a Relay make you part of the Tor network and not just a user so you can help build the network for other users in dictatorships like China, Zimbabwe, Fiji etc ) One good thing about using it on your phone as a relay is that you don't have to waste CO2 using it on a big desktop computer or a Laptop while maintaining a relay constantly ( best for relays as other users are connected who need to be advised before shutdowns so more consistent up-time is advised )

Do I need SU to run a Tor Relay.
No you can run a Tor Relay without SU its only needed for Transparent Proxy ( makes sure ALL apps use TOR not just the special Tor browser )

Oh and new note updated Mar 16 2012
 umm about Tor you can click on settings ( on the Huawei its the bunch of horizontal lines on the hardware button ) and when you have SuperUser setup then you can go to the menu to select Use Transparent Proxing in  the programs options ( just scroll about until you find them ) so that all programs automatically use a Tor circuit if the Tor program is activated !!!! ( cool heah? you are now a mobile fighter for democracy .......... hmm but doesn't it help porno users too? welll perhaps but its slower then the normal network so that probably won't happen much.
 The bigger issue is use by potential terrorists but they would have other more powerful hardware based encrypted communication as most terrorists are state sponsored anyway and can afford to pay for that sort of thing by extortion of the tax payer using propaganda by shock jock radio channels etc ....... ) but i digress. You know the issues involved anon peeps.

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