Huawei emulator ( click on screen for larger )

This is the Android emulator screenshot from Ubuntu Linux 10.4 LTS ( Lucid Lynx ) the Android emulator is useful for programming applications for the Huawei X1 ( Ideos ) 8180 mobile phone running the Android OS.

Eclipse is the application for the development of java style programs on the Android platform of mobile operating systems and works under Linux you can install it by executing apt-get install eclipse.

Here is a screenshot of the installer select android 4.03 and QVGA after you installed it.

Not much on this page so far here a link to my main page or back to Huawei 8180 root access program. oh and here is a screen for the AWS ( Amazon Web Service ) you can even get a TOR instance on this service !!!!

Here is a Eclipse app working on the AWS ah sorry those images got lost in my website transfer :( hmm ended up using instead.
e188 hacks

Huawei Emulator for Android IDE ( Eclipse ) 
Huawei MF627 modem
Huawei ideos x1 superuser root enable for android mobiles