Httrack program a great program for backing up your google site some caveats it doesnt backup the archived files ( zips etc ) you may of uploaded to google sites so you need to do them by hand.

here it is finished after 50 mins on broadband wireless speed

it gives you a link to click on to load the page index of the website saved. Simple no adds program that works on windows 2000/xp/7 and of course Linux variants like Ubuntu or Mint

Here it is under VirtualBox on windows xp client .... i like to make the copy in the VM so its backed up when i back up the virtual machine as one part.

After you have the backup the program makes a nice list of your sites

Now you need to click on the one you want to inspect and you given the main page of the site ....
oh no but there is only one Index.html and no other files !!!!  ......... don't panic just type in the page you want to see
at the end of the file:///username/etc/index.html or real life example
file:///home/username/Downloads/vboxTransfers/My%20Web%20Sites/psychocatdemo2/ (all one line here in my case gives you my main page .... could change it to

file:///home/username/Downloads/vboxTransfers/My%20Web%20Sites/psychocatdemo2/ (all one line here ) toview my discussion page on cryptography ...

 to another page and it finds it somewhere !!! ( so its done the backup and you can see your locally saved files with the pictures etc ) oh i haven't checked files like zips etc so be careful there..........

Great work open source peeps keep it coming in 2015 !!!