fourFans of Liao Fan Sunburst

This is a page about Liao Fan here there is another morality tale called the Four Feathers I have the Chinese subtitled version of the black and white movie um but i digress. oh and if you want camoflage tutorial it is here

You can also get a link to produce fan images from this page where i modified the original codes from a tutorial proggy
from link below that hosts 3rd party codes - Delphi Tutorial        
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By : Thaminda Wijeratne

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filestore for Fan program shown above ( or Rar generates fan type images for computer games helicopter simulation etc) blue camo part of image generated with gimp and OpenGL um and some info about hardware fan hacking here if you want help for sunburst fill ( for prosaic things like fridge coils for factory pictures in games like this farmville style program oh the fruit are done using the tube function of PSP9. to make the sunburst gradient use the flood fill function then click on the gradient button then click on the image body for the properties and select sunburst button.
Oh and you can make the pipe bends ( left and right just mirror them )  using the circular selection tool after you have finished then use the rectangular selection tool to make one long selection and modify the selection ( by holding down the left shift while making another vertical rectangular selection you will have a pattern like the one below this will make a cross just fill with another direction or colour shade to make the pipe joint fittings then this will make the water pipe join another piece of long pipe image. ( see next picture from game )

.  There you go you have watering facilities and refrigeration plant for your farms factory unit :)

etc then here is a Paint Shop Pro 9 help for that one ummm click on the image for larger size )

Basically you can do this in Paint Shop Pro 9 ,yeah i am still way back on my paint programs this one is 2004 vintage from a magazine cover disk special but it works and does the job  :)  oh and use regular gradients for the pipes.
I would like to code a Farmville style program if I can work out the huge code for such a enterprise ............... ciao peeps.... oh if you want help with GIMP and camouflage pattern fills like the one at the top of the screen go here bye.
want some four fans steganography instead?
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