Style extensions for Facebook using Chrome's Stylish web skinning application ( go to spanner icon then settings then extensions to find the page and at the bottom search for extensions and look for the Stylish ) click on image for full size. Buddha image courtesy from my friend Art Maker 

This is the Google style sheet called Google by Nolljya and desktop image of a Ninja

To access these sorts of themes for Google and Facebook go to the spanner icon at the top right and clck settings then extensions and at the bottom "Get more extensions" link

Pot plant farmers find a quiet sojourn on Off My Face-book you can plant herbs and remedies to the poison of the Babylonian empire of evil propaganda as the US government builds its towers of greed in the face of godless distain JA to Julian Assange may he have many tokes and jokes in his room at the embassy while looking out the window at the foolish lines of police standing in the rain to prop up insane lawlessness.