Escape from Baxter Combine 

Page for Escape from Baxter concentration camp and psychological torture center game editing help file and demonstration programs for Half Life modifications. Click here for more information about the blight that is Baxter from a Christian Anarchist

Picture of Baxer Combine Guard model UberWatch 2nd class (now with helmet)security.mdl model file and texture file here securityT.mdl or bmp for that model here securitybody5.bmp load them up into a half life model viewer (see below) here is another picture from inside half life program showing the UberWatch in a tent

This is a game simulation based on the Half Life engine using examples from Escape from Woomera  models/maps where you play the part of a political prisoner in Baxer concentration camp in the Australian desert.  Your goal is to survive torture in the hostile conditions of the concentration camp and escape from detention and the ACM (Australian Combine Management) and link up with Gordon Freeman (star of Half Life) and Australian Lambda Resistance. The setting is in the future and prime minister John Coward has gone insane after being attacked by head crabs they have replaced his brain with head crab lavae and he is totally devoted to the Combine and renamed the country to Oceanic Combine of Continental Australia and redesigned the flag to show his new found beliefs in Oceanic fascism in league with the Combine. 

In this place all people who protest are put into concentration camps with refugees from the desert like countries of the Pacific  that have displaced due to the destruction of the environment of the islands of the Pacific by the Combine's alien advance. Please help me to construct models etc for this project .... download the original models from here for a idea on what to do thanks (just for a idea we wont use the original models for this project).

UberWatchen in das Office Block torture allocation center.  Programs needed for this project are a paint program such as Paint Shop Pro or The Gimp (for creating camoflage designs), a 3D graphics program like Milkshape 3D (30 day trial period) and a program to test it out in such as Half Life or Half Life Model Viewer shown below etc.

UberWatchen with helmet and the leathal Taser gun in Half Life Model Viewer. You will also need Milkshape 3D or a program such as Blender 3D (not sure if Blender would have all the tools for this like model compilation etc) but you could use it.

First we need some bones to start our model click here for that. Or go on to next page Tutorial2