Rot47/Vigenere encryption program.

*note this site is old um the new version called Cicada5713 is here
This cypher was developed after researching the Rot47 links on Google other cyphers of interest are RSA and DES.   The code is written in Delphi 32 and inspired by this article  try to see if you can solve it with this tool perhaps? a python attack algorithm maybe? I am interested in the socialist millionare problem in which 2 millionares of carbon credits economy and using Off-The-Record instead of PGP? hmm maybe we could collaborate on a applicaton to do the text messaging part?  Ok maybe we aren't up to that yet............ oh and if you want to just start playing with the crypto program i wrote just look at the link at the bottom of the page. Or chat about it on my Disqus crypto page


( screenshot of a simple pre Vigenere Rot47 experiment version 0.1 above click for larger version )

How to use? just copy some text from a word processor etc and paste into the program then click on the click here at the top to process the text into encrypted form. Based on code from this website called ROT47 ( if you can't find it is written in Delphi32 just put Delphi and rot47 in Google here use their search sites engine
All care taken but no responsibility accepted. Don't use this for anything important. This does some changes to the original text ( puts a indent in to paragraphs for instance I haven't been able to find out why but these changes don't bother me much so ......  if it bothers you don't use it oh and don't put double space between words)
I have included the source with the archive. GPL 3 by Stephen Piuk.
To download click on the arrow pointing down next to the filename below. The program substitutes the pound symbol for the space/linefeed so you have a much harder looking text to decrypt but frequency analysis still is possible.

How Vigenere works there are a list of characters that stand for the code so say our key is 123123
then the result would be the plain text  to encrypt of "acrobat" would be to go to the index for the letter 'a' and then down to the text position in this case we have the letter 'i' if we use the table below.

So on can we go until the whole message is encrypted so a non repeating key ie not 123123 say 131233 would be very hard to crack for a 6 letter message. As one of the ways Vigenere is cracked is with checking a recurring key.  So we have the equation key length is equal or greater then the length of the message.  See image further down with the black screen for a view of the key generator ( creates 750 length  keys for a input value of 800 )

Version 2 notes trying to add other characters to defeat frequency analysis ( looking at the text to find often occurring characters in the text that may be the letter 'e' for instance as it is a common letter in English ) click on the dictionary page to see bigger image i am making a key/dictionary version.

more information on how I got this part working here

Numeric key tool ( click above for larger image ) you need a key and a dictionary ( what is a dictionary? in this context it is a list of letters to substitute with the original ones to encrypt data you can refer to it later to decode the encrypted text ).
  You can press to produce the key it has 750 characters acording to Wikipedia Vigenere's cypher is almost unbreakable when the key reaches the same size as the encrypted text.  See link here
the text is comma delimited and can be saved by clicking on the numeric key saving tab  ( where you can also save the dictionary you created )

Some caveats .   The text at this time is only capable of processing all text in lower case as I found if I included too many characters the random character generator to go into a loop.  If you encrypt upper case characters they will be auto changed to lower case in the decrypted text.  Also i have made this for protesters not programmers :) so no brackets only regular punctuation characters such as commas, full stops and quotes.  Although web URLs and email/twitter are ok as I kept th hash tag and the @ symbol Slashs for both unix and windows are preserved too.
 In version e2 i have made the key auto re-size to the size of the text to be encrypted to avoid datagram detection. Also fixed bugs with loading so there are no dialogs coming up when you start program.  Program always starts now on the main page.

Back to Main page  other code on this site I have written using Hash to save search locations for a
speedier search engine

MD5 hash for program archive ( August 2012 soon new version with anti-surveillance tool )   is 666F55F11021E980AC3CBB86371AD692 ( old version deleted )

Here is a list editor that i added ( Click for larger image ) you can easily alphabet lists of words like
the image shows or delete the duplicates ( handy for anti-surveillance lists )

um here is a link to another network security program I am working on zenoprobe it checks for network attached devices and tries to identify them.

Also a search engine for your computer that uses hashing to save previous searches also for secure searching of the internet for your computer TOR

Have fun and don't forget to download the program below to learn more about crypto graffiti :)

screenshot above search engine for you computer here note for files below download by clicking on the down arrow not the name ( click on the name shows you the contents of the archive ..... thanks google :) and rot13 Chrome plugin  and message me at Disqus crypto page for Cicada encryption challange.

Stephen P,
Aug 25, 2012, 10:30 AM