DataExtractor for Princeton University files

Opening Screen and loading index 1 and 2 first you must download the WordNet (a lexical database for English ) package and FAQ from here  This program is used to create a list suitable for the CruziVerbalist crossword program.

Save and  (3 abd 4) you must do it 4 times each time you make a new list
1st time does Nouns 2nd time does Verbs  3rd time does Adjectives and
4th time does Adverbs.
Batch Running below.

Run batch files (5)  and use files created to make a Index.txt file (6)

Do a first draft (screen 7 ) of the clue list above. Use the X marked tab to do stage 2 now.  This process was achieved using WordNet Database from Princeton University ( see their copyright in the archive )