Core temperature problems and old motherboards parts

you can click on the desktop image below to increase its size to read program outputs. 

This is a image of the final hardware hack to get the temperature down to a nice level for my Gigabyte GAM61 motherboard with on board NVIDIA graphics co-processor and AMD Sempron (LE1150 Sparta) CPU that i bought in 2008 for my mum's bedroom computer. (click to see a enlarged image.  I used my favourite program Delphi to create a temperature monitor for the motherboard temperature (see picture Core Alarm bottom right hand corner  with SpeedFan and the GigaByte EasyTune programs ) to gather temperture data. The program uses the Core Temp open API and can be found here. Note warning!!! these procedures are only for confident computer users and not for the person who worries about opening up computer cases or changing mainboard batteries !!! no reponsiblity accepted if you damage your computer by any information here.

Problem diagnosis

I had a problem with resets on my computer it wouild start ok but on next boot there wasn't any response not even the BIOS screen would turn up to greet me with a cheerful beep !!!!! I removed the graphics card and used the one on  the motherboards and it started again but later it went dead again on next reboot.  Sometimes it would work for 6 boots then die again every time this occured it would just come up with no BIOS starting text and a blank screen the monitor wouldn';t even register any signal and it would come up with NO SIGNAL after a min or so timout it sounded like the CPU was dying and blasting the motherboard with a voltage that reset the BIOS settings and/or Graphics processor . I removed the motherboard battery and shorted the BIOS jumper to recover the system and it would come back to life only to die again on next boot. I changed the bios battery with a new one from the local electronics shop (no luck same prob). I even thought to try to make a external switch to the BIOS short jumper (two pins on the board labeled BIOS) to keep the computer  running and usable at this stage i was thinking take it back to shop and replace on warranty ................. but my hacker ethic ego selfishness  (i have always repaired and built my own computers from the days of the Amiga 1000 my mum bought for me with an inheritance left to her bless her soul :) wouldn't allow me to give up but after 2 weeks of testing i was ready to give up !!

 This was going to be a high usage machine for the living rooms graphics processing media center (lots of video watching and editing on the flat screen TV:) so had to be a stable machine.

I have a warm room with no air conditioner the morning temps can go as high as 30C or more so i thought it was a temperature problem so i rummaged about in the draws for a old ABit motherboard i had in storage for this kind of problem ( for when i needed some bits that may be on a old motherboard and lo and behold there it is!!! a fan almost the right size of the graphics co processor of the Gigabyte board.  Hmm ok possiblities arise ..........

Problem Answer


I used a motherboard CPU fan from a old 200 mhz machine with a Cooler Master fan (on left of picture) and placed it on the graphics process on the Gigabyte motherboard. it reduced the temp by about 6 degrees C and goes at about 5000 RPM given the CPU fan itself only reaches about half that speed its a good hack.  I mounted the fan by finding a hole in the motherboard used for mounting onto the case. Also the machine was rebuilt with a new black mini tower case with more case fan mountings to increase air flow around the system and a 350 watt PSU (same PSU as the old case just replaced it in the new machines case as i had a problem with the machine previously burning out a PSU and had a empty case with no PSU) and moved it to the living room (a generally cooler room in the house). Computer problems with booting always arise in Sydney summers.  Temperature based re-boots like this had occurs infrequently with the old system usually if i started the computer before about 5pm for a game or programming hack even at this location but it is a place of higher and cooler air flow. But the old system used to run up to 50 C !!!! or more quite consistantly (the old ABIt boards were very reliable not sure if they are reporting the temps accurately though). This computer was to be replaced with a greener lower power consumption unit hence the replacement.

End Result Analysis 

FIXED!!!!!!!! one month later not one lost BIOS setting or dead-on-boot start.