colourFan of the Buddha's Illumination

How to make a colour fan display for your computers Buddha rupa. ( night photo above make sure you use the no flash option for your camera or you may get a picture like the one below. Fans go so fast you only see the blades and no colour )

( day photo above )

package of  USB fan

Warning as usual ( this is a hardware hack so your on your own any work you do that blows your computer etc is your own responsibility ) this is given AS IS and no warranty or otherwise is given.  Make sure you disconnect power to your computer before doing any computer modifications.

Buy a couple of 2 dollar shop USB colour fans (6 or 7 dollars each they have colour LEDS in their blades so you can see moving light show) and a laptop cooler (20 - 25 dollars AUS )   also a 5 and Quarter inch to 3 and Half inch case  adapter for your tower case this is for the mounting of the display away from your DVD drive.

1. Mount the case bay adapter in you computer setting it slightly forwards so it protrudes out the front of the case (i mounted some 3 half inch fans here too)

1. You can attach the laptop cooler (the x shaped steel object in the picture  ) to the front of your computer using tie wraps (small plastic zips that hold things together like cables etc) now that you have the front panel display fixed (this is needed as the fans make some noise and need to be fixed securely so now you have that done we can do the next step.

2. Secure the fans and their steel snake holders to the X shaped laptop fan part
  viola!! you have a nice display for your computer and as a by product if you  have a computer with USB power on all the time (Server computers do this) then your light show is independant of the power state of your computer ( ie they will go on whenvever you want by just clicking on the fan bodies switch )

Economic aspect.
This display is so nice you may find yourself just looking at it for a few days and saving energy by not using your computer !

So some light release from the daily hard work of hardware hacking click here for info about Liao Fan  and software fans, or back to main page.