Chhut Vuthy ( I call him Chook for short I mean no disrespect to my friend its just I am not too good with Cambodian names pronunciations )
website about his activism and anon south east asia network ( ASEAN ), too bad I didn't know you in life my friend.

Chhut Vuthy was involved in tracking illegal logging in the rainforest around a Chinese dam project in Cambodia it led him to finding out more information then he was able to defend himself and was killed by some persons unknown. ( although some security guard was arrested lots of questions remain unanswered )

Chhut Vuthy is said to of found a source of precursor chemical source used to produce MDMA  not one derived from opium that is traditional in this area but one that is not so well known ( safrole from sassafras root ) to create a psychedelic amphetamine called Methalene Di Oxy Methamphetamine ( MDMA ) or otherwise know as "Ecstasy" being contained in processing plant vats on their premises ( similar to the ones used to extract coca paste from coca leaves in places like Colombia ) why does the Chinese company want large scale Ecstasy precursor manufacture to create a dam or any organic process for that matter ?
quote from THE IRRAWADY
In June 2008, the Cambodian government set up a media show, burning 1,278 drums of safrole-rich oil—a key ingredient in the manufacture of the illicit recreational drug ecstasy—with the help of the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Beyond the rape of the forest uncovered by chook's work on illegal forest logging around the dam's consession, the production of huge amounts of ecstasy by the Chinese government for possible torture of human rights activists or flooding into the drug market is of concern.

The Cambodian government finding on his killing seems simplistic in the extreme. see here wow thats a yahoo website i haven't dealt with Yahoo since they sold a dissident down the river  information to the Chinese about a dissident's email.  Maybe they are turning a different leaf here is another possible more reliable source on ABC news. it says the soldier shot himself twice in the chest out of remorse after killing chook hmmmmmmmmm that seems fishy was he shot to make him silent or for refusing to kill Chook?.

Harvesting trees to make mdma
 More on this later no doubt. Other human rights page Chen the Barefoot Lawyer and Ai Weiwei
"Chop off the head of the Hydra and 10 more grow in its place" ------ anonymous activist.

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