CastTerrain ....... (edited 20 nov 2009)

click here to download the file is called

This is a page for cast 2 development and OpenGL engine hacks using GLScene if you want a great polygon reduction tool (only does 10000 polys max) then try Balancer Lite its FREE yes no dongles or things to buy etc.
Here is my screenshots and code for a new OpenGL rendering engine for CAST 2 its only going about 25 FPS on my venerable old  Sempron 1000 mhz processor but you can see the potential for a Battlefield type game.
It is a variable terrain landscape in which you can run though the forest at running pace without any pausing. The palm trees are free objects from TurboSquid website (do a search for stuff done by KillSt4r) um i edited them using Balancer Lite to lessen the polys to about a thousand each group of 5 palms that come in the collection  they have palm leaf texture but i just use a GLScene function TMMObjectLinear to emulate that to save on mem.  The coconut and small spiky light coloured palm are my editing efforts. The textures on all the plants are mine (made using GIMPs Camo creation tool) except for the one that comes called clover.jpg with comes with the Media directory on the GLScene package.

and some with a coconut i made above and some nice red leaves below :)
Black ops SeaArrow  below showing night time mode
Here is the bigger brother of that beast it is called the SeaDemon equivalent to the US SeaKing showing the model in Milkshape
Click here form more on helicopter resources and how to build the model

How to edit the tree textures once you  have downloaded the package (um you have installed GLScene into Delphi version of your choice). Now you have to click on the GLScene1 object and then down the menu that is created to the Show Scene Editor this will give you a list of object in the hierarchy (don't you just love spellcheckers) um ok now this list has a object called FFTree and FFTree2 these are the coconut and the palm tree. (The spiky green grass is added in another loop).

      with proxy do begin
         if odd(i) then

This code above checks for odd in the counter this can then alternate with different objects so trees and coconuts are mixed up.

Now click on FFtree
to add textures to these objects go to the materials property in the Object Inspector
then drill down to textures (don't forget to enable them under textures) then click on the image menu and you can browse and add the texture CamoBright.jpg to the editor.

Here is camoBright.jpg you can create them with GIMP (see other place on my site for usage of this program) if you use GIMP make sure you have high granularity set as that makes the objects happily detailed. Um on the detail of leaves for the leaves of the palms dont forget the option called Mapping mode under the textures directory and set for the coconut the mapping mode tmmsphere from the drop down box.  Each mapping mode in GLSphere textures is related to the shape of the object so a coconut will have Tmmsphere and a leaf will have TmmObjectLinear to add nice stripped vein effects to your leaves (see top image of palm leaf). click here to download the file is called individual files are here

and for the coconut texture here
The Thai maple tree texture

A tree editor and demo on poly reduction i did a while ago.
polygon reduction