Using Gimp to edit tiled camos for BFV BF2 games all are under creative commons license (CC)

 PAD camo designs

 PAD parade camoflage

 Pad jungle version

MECanarchist  EU force below

 Parade cam for MECanarchist 
 MECanarchist Jungle

 Desert cams

Desert camo dark
Deser camo light

Traditional Jungle wear in green and skycam


igital Camo versions of the ones listed above and other designs like Cow Camo
Go to this link to see how to copy and paste to a floodfill in GIMP camo page 2

Using Gimp 1.2 instructions ( If you have 2.6 of Gimp then see below )

olderversions here

Using Gimp 2.6 instructions ( a bit more tricky I needed a whole page for it ) here

And if you want to use Gimp 1.2  you need 1.3 GTK thats on the same web page Gimp 1.2 here  and GTK here

(Gurilla Insurgent Military Program) is as easy as 1 2 3 first you just download it (I use the windows version 1.2 NOT 2.6 if your using the Linux version then you don't need any help as you are a wizard anyway :) and then go to the menus in picture above XTNS (short for extensions) then Script FU then Patterns then Camoflage.  A window will appear with 3 buttons to press to select camo buttons to find the right colours then OK and it will do a tiled camo pattern for you I use the default setting of 256 colours. Call it PADcamo.Jpg and save.  Do 2 one for parade camo (more brightly coloured) and one for Jungle actions. Then resize the images for flood filling small pictures like the soldiers in the Image above (I do two 50% resizes) to give a smaller tile which i then call PADcamoSM.jpg for the uniform selection screen use the normal camo for filling flags now go to the image in the RFA archive called and find the images that make up the flags and menu pictures for the Arsenal mod of Battlefield Vietnam in WinRFA (Windows Refractor Flat Archive) click on WinRFA for more info about this process.

Gimp 2.8 torrent

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