AnArchitect (former codename BridgeBuilder)

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This next one shows close up of the vegetation (and unbrella mans new pokadot brollie is turned into a birds beak by Deep dream processing )

Close up of post processing effects with DeepDream

How to create a new landscape? in the bottom image you can see a control bar that starts when you start the program
you can see a panel at the bottom with buttons and tabs .... you should be on a tab called Preset Landscapes on that tab you and see a (what we programmers call) a radiobutton (a series of circles used to select options) select Koh Samui Cool and they the Olive coloured rectangle in the bottom right will have the Apply button enabled now you can click on that to start to generate a landscape you  should leave your winter landscape and end up with the landscape above.

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Next demo is to save a Texture mapping tutorial.  First go to the tab that says Save texture and Height click on this Tab and the buttons shown below should be seen. This a file what is used by programers to overlay a Height map to give a 3d effect to landscapes. This is the save Texture map screen with the save image dialog box that is automatically opened so you can save the texture to a file.

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Ok what more can we do?
Save a height map? ok Rorschach here it is :)

Installing the program