filestore or if you are looking for BartPE go here

Find the file BasePE.rar, or BasePE.exe at the top of the page on filestore link above it has the source and executable program (sorry no installer yet just make a link on your desktop to the basePe.exe file in the archive.

here is a screenshot 621 folders searched in 2 and a half seconds............ (thats when windows has done its caching)
Um whats good about it?

MultiThreaded ( NEED I SAY MORE )

Saves previous searches in a cache so you have very quick re-searches for example if you did the search 2 days ago
the files are probably at the same location do you need a full search or just load from database?  This quickens all searches and allows you to do more interesting things like coding.  A good Delphi desktop to go with this program is SharpE click on larger size image below

Info for new users (skip this if you know about wildcards)

The program uses wildcards these are characters that mean any number of characters can match the seach criteria
so *.exe will match dog.exe cat.exe mouse.exe etc

If you are not sure about the beginning of the search term just put the wildcard character * at the end so dog.* would match dog.exe, dog.cmd and

So you can see wildcards are quite flexible there is a extension button that you can click on in the program that
will also give you more info about wildcards to use.

Dialog boxes

Previous database results found means the database has results from a previous search just click yes if you want to stop or no to continue if you think there may need to be updated. The program will only save new results to database if it has done a full search. 

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