Bangkok or any Riotous behaviour such as the Occupy protest ( What is fear )

This is a page about the recent Bangkok riot. (first draft 06 06 2010) edited on the 5/11/2011 to include the link to my photos of Occupy here )

What is the Buddhist perspective on the recent Bangkok riots this year in May.

I could go on and get preachy about non-violence and the best way to achieve progress politically but that would sound trite and not genuinely approach to such a terrible problem as succinctly as the Buddha.

Basically i will refer to the Buddhist theory of dependent  origination on this subject.

it says somewhere in the Nikayas or some other sutta this but i can't remember the reference now you can see the
one below.

It goes something like this from memory. Some of this text is from this Buddhanet page on D.O
The longest Sutta dealing with Dependent Origination in the Pali Canon is the Mahanidana Sutta [D.II.55-71].

"In this way, Ananda, conditioned by feeling is craving, conditioned by craving is seeking, conditioned by seeking is gain, conditioned by gain is valuation, conditioned by valuation is fondness, conditioned by fondness is possessiveness, conditioned by possessiveness is ownership, conditioned by ownership is avarice, conditioned by avarice is guarding,[*] conditioned by guarding and resulting from guarding are the taking up of the stick, the knife, contention, dispute, arguments, abuse, slander, and lying. Evil and unskillful actions of many kinds thus appear in profusion."

To guard against the people of Thailand and other industrialised like Australia  the rich use the unskillful action of violence to find a result but when poverty is extreme then this is what arises in society.  There must be a will to do good action to the broad community then this
will stop bloodshed.

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