Page about Anonymous and Buddhism mask synergies and how empty is anonymous ideas and their roots in ancient cultures of Burma ( Myannmar ).

Burma has been in the news a lot lately with the release of Aung San Su Khi and other activists.  Some ideas about anonymous activist tradition and how it relates to this ancient culture seem to be a good idea now.

Masks of a sort are nothing new in the lineage of Buddhism in south east asia. But what are they about exactly and why do the monks/nuns use this form of expression?  Basically you can trace it back to the ideas of emptyness that flourished at about 500 years after the Buddha's passing and have been slowly filtering into Buddhism's mainstream ever since.
Nagarjuna's ideas of emptiness where the foundation of the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism.  The idea was to distance one self from the teaching so ones ego centric attachment does not influence the talk.

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