AnarchoBuddhism and AnarchoTao

What is AnarchoBuddhism?
what does a many thousand year old philosophy of life to do with modern anarchist theory?
without going into too much justification it just feels good.  Some theories like some clothes just match your minds ability to converge different opinions and ideas into a seamless whole yet you can't put your finger on it ever........

Just like Mr Anarchism and his stereotyped view of Anarchy in the picture above you just go with the flow  sometimes and don't look to analytically at it .............

"Dutch anarchist-pacifist Bart de Ligt’s 1936 treatise The Conquest of Violence (with its none too subtle allusion to Kropotkin’s The Conquest of Bread) was also of signal importance.  Why does the equal distribution of wealth have to be seen by Big Media as violence? See link below from wikipedia on Anarcho-Pacifism (close cousin of Anarcho-Buddhism)