All your sexism is belong to us.

Um this is a page about the Republicans and their "War on Women" ( from a male's perspective but not but not a sexist one i hope ) this article got me thinking it makes some good points and i like the Tar Baby analogy but I can't agree the part that says that the left are using the issue as a sticky wicket is probably true of politics and politicians in general, but this time I have to disagree as this idea should be seen for what it is a transparent attempt at control by the Republican party.

Basically my argument is as follows you have to see the rights issues as one of balance by the distribution of wealth by the tax payers and the cost to benefit ratio to the end consumers.
Who actually benefits by extra restrictions on things like abortion and contraception limitations?
Indisputably it is the right wing/religious based parties, superpacs and organisations dedicated to the furtherance of a centralised authority based on violence to liberties and freedoms to individuals to have choice in their lives direction and goals.
How do they benefit? by having a poor uneducated underclass in the population they increase their control over the peoples will by creating a false feeling of scarcity in a world of abundance of resources if used wisely.
If people have more under/poorly fed and under/poorly educated they are willing to believe in irrational beliefs ( i have a soft spot for Buddhism is strong on belief with wisdom and to question all authorities be they secular or religious ( god is unimportant to Buddhism while  earned and discovered experience is valued ) also be manipulated by the press into fearful voting patterns that repeatedly put extremist political parties into power and disenfranchise women.

Hmm so why should they ( religious schools, hospitals ) pay for it ( contraception etc ) if they don't believe in it?
Well taxpayers fund religious schools ( at least in Australia they do ) so one has to ask why are my ( personally don't pay tax as i am a pensioner but have paid tax in the past and pay goods and services tax now ) tax payer dollars going towards a religious education i don't believe in?

So a balance is in order here isnt it?
How do right wing governments get advantage by having a uneducated and under resourced population ( education is tightly bound to the debate on sexual reproductive control as when you have more time to study instead of work you find that the whole illusion of house etc is based on greed for security and not necessary for a happy and productive life of questioning the status quo  and quiet contemplation of issues of importance )

Surely Buddhism believes in the preservation of life and non-violence towards potential beings.... but not at any cost as the result can be worse than the cure.