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Venus as Muse – Figurations of the Creative

Although Aphrodite|Venus has been worshipped, predominantly, as a beautiful goddess of love, she has also embodied different forms of creativity, such as divine, natural, sexual, and artistic. Accordingly, she does not only incorporate concepts of beauty and love, but figures as a goddess of creativity, sexuality, and fertility and has often been venerated as a muse.
The conference seeks to address concrete cultural figurations of Aphrodite|Venus and the different conceptualizations of creativity .

An International  Conference

at the Internationales Kolleg Morphomata
Center for Advanced Studies, University of Cologne,

January 18-20, 2012

Open data sharing and open distribution

Europeana publishes its second White Paper: ...digital opportunities against traditional concerns about ownership and control

Europeana adopts new data exchange agreement

All metadata for cultural works accessible via the Europeana portal will  be available for free and open re-use.

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