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Volume 2.1 The French Venus

 Volume 2.1 The French Venus

compiled by K. Bender

Topical catalogue of 2997 sculptures, reliefs, paintings, frescoes, drawings, prints and illustrations of 977 identified French artists from the Middle Ages to Modern Times. 194 pp. (2009)
With an Index of Artists, a Directory of Owners and an extensive Bibliography.

The catalogue is available as fully searchable pdf eBook ($4.00), paperback book ($15.00)  or as hardcover book (€19.20). Read the Previews.
Readers interested
in distant viewing and in the quantitative approach in art history are kindly invited to contact the author directly.


Renoir au XXe siècle
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* ' La Vénus Victrix ' * ' Le Jugement de Pâris '

Exhibitions in  Musée d’Orsay, Paris and in Los Angeles County Museum  of Art, in 2009-2010.
Source: Réunion des musées nationaux

  Each entry comprises the known, assumed or estimated date of the work, the name of the creator (identified or attributed), the title(s) of the work, the type, medium and material of support, the dimension and, if applicable and known, the number in the series, the owner and inventory number or the sales data, the main sources (bibliography) and further details about replicas, preparatory drawings, prints, copies and other comments.

Each entry bears the  Record Number in the database of the author and a sequential number in the catalogue: Rxxxxx.yyyy.

See Topical Catalogues for more details.

 The latest data analysis is summarized in my Research Paper 5

'Time Distribution, Popularity, Diversity and Productivity of the Iconography of Venus
 in the Low Countries, France and Italy'

More about the data analysis of this catalogue can be found in the web section 'Data Analysis' and in the series of posts 'Statistics in Art History (I) to (V)' in the Blog 'Iconography in Art History'.

Ranking of 10
most productive French artists :


Venus and Adonis

The topic “Venus and Adonis” is described by four subtopics: “Adonis meeting Venus”; “Adonis loving Venus”; “Adonis leaving Venus”; “Adonis dying”. Subtopic “Adonis loving Venus” has three subdivisions :’alone with Venus’, ‘with animal(s) and Cupid(s)’ and ‘with Cupid(s)’.

oAdonis lovingVenus

§with animal(s) and Cupid(s)


1812 PRUD’HON, Pierre-Paul: Venus and Adonis/ PA/ o c/ 241x168/ London, WCo/ Inv. P347/ Anonymous 1989, Vol.I, p.956; Sanchez & Seydoux 1999, T.1, p.232 <Salon 1812, n°742> / R662.886 Prep DR/ d/ 19x13,3/ Paris, MdL/ Inv. RF29920/  Guiffrey et al. 1909-1997, T.XII, n°2084, p.576/ R4278.887; rep DR /  g/ ?/ A'dam, RMu/ Inv. RP-T-1978-1/ pc/ R2566.888; rep? PA/ o w/ ?/ Notre Dame, SMA/ Inv. 1984.005/ IT/ R7997V.889


In full the entry reads:

Topic: Venus and Adonis; subtopic: Adonis loving Venus; subdivision: with animal(s) and Cupid(s).

The date of the work is 1812; the creator is PRUD’HON, Pierre-Paul, listed in the Index of Artists; the title of the work is given in English (language of the owner); the type of work is a painting (PA); the medium is oil (o) and the material of support is canvas(c); its seizes are 241 cm height and 168 cm width; the owner (WCo) is the Wallace Collection Museum in London, listed in the Directory of Owners; the inventory number Inv. of the owner is P347; the sources of information are: *Anonymous 1989, Vol. I, p.956 listed in the Selected Bibliographical References; and * Sanchez & Seydoux 1999, T.1, p.232, listed in the Specific Catalogues of the Selected Bibliography: the work was presented at the Salon de Paris of 1812 under n° 742 ; the reference number in the author’s database and the sequential number in this catalogue are respectively R662 and 886.

Then follows information in italic:

o       about a preparatory drawing (Prep DR) (d = pen, ink, or pencil or crayon etc.) with seizes 19 cm height and 13,3 cm width, owned by the Musée du Louvre (MdL) in Paris, inventory number Inv. RF29920; the information source is Tôme XII, p. 576, n°2084 in Guiffrey et al. 1909-1997; the reference and sequential numbers are R4278 and 887 respectively;

o       about another prep DR, a replica (rep) in gouache (g), seizes are unknown, owned by the Rijksmuseum (RMu) in Amsterdam, inventory number Inv. RP-T-1978-1 ; the information was given in a personal communication to the author ; reference and sequential numbers are R2566 and 888;

another painting, maybe a replica (rep?), oil on panel (o w), seizes unknown, is hold by the  Snite Museum of Arts, Notre Dame, inventory number Inv. 1984.005; the information source is Internet (IT); the reference and sequential numbers in this catalogue are R7997V  (V =  image not available) and 889 respectively.

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