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Research Paper 3

Quantitative Comparison between the Italian and French

Iconography of Venus from the Middle Ages to Modern


by K. Bender
You can view and download the full paper.

Main conclusions:

The time distributions of artworks and artists (Fig. 3) show a clear shift of two centuries for the peak period of production: 16th century for the Italian Venus and 18th century for the French Venus; the production in the 19th century is minimal in Italy while remaining high in France.

The popularity of the 18 main topics considered is presented. It is not significantly different in both samples when calculated over the whole period from the 15th to the 20th century (Fig. 8). However, the time distribution of the topics reveals large differences.

The empirical inverse power law of Lotka, known in bibliometrics and informetrics (see Paper 2), reveals for both samples the same striking result: 60 % of all artists who created Venus' artworks, created only once a Venus' artwork and only 16% created two Venus' works (Fig.11).

You can view and download the full paper.

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K. Bender,
Sep 15, 2009, 9:11 AM