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From E-mail 18/10/2011
I read with interest your post on Women Artists who depicted Aphrodite, and I was most delighted by your report on the Medici Archive Project and the marvellous way in which you were able to use its database to find information of use to you. Thank you for your most kind wishes and I compliment you on your project.
Dr. Sheila Barker, The Medici Archive Project

From E-mail 14/6/2011
Your work to “Venus in the Low Countries” was a great help for me. Laura G., doctoral candidate in history of art, Germany.

From E-mail 9/2/2011

Many thanks for the updated version of your site! Your approach is unusually interesting. Best wishes, Dr Susanna Roxman

Art Data Analysis: Venus Iconography By Rob Myers on January 6, 2011 9:34 PM
Another well-defined art historical study with useful conclusions. K. Bender has assembled catalogues of depictions of the goddess Venus from various regions, and analysed the resulting data. The results fit a power law.

From an E-mail 1/12/2010
Votre site est vraiment passionnant. Il faudrait le transformer en thèse ou en livre !

From various E-mails 16/9/2009
*First of all, NN wishes to thank you for your astonishing and well-developed project on the iconography of Venus.
*I do wish you good luck with your project, because I think it is worthwile.

From E-mail 9/12/2008
I just wanted to say thank you for sending me this link - I am indeed very interested in your quantitative approach which is very illuminating about changing tastes in the Renaissance. Best wishes.

From E-mail 15/2/2008
At a first glance - an impressive amount of research and information! in each way a remarkable undertaking.