Venture: Who We Are, What We Stand For, What We Do Venture San Diego

We are small. By design. And that’s an advantage. We listen. We have ideas. We have experience.  We react quickly. Everyone here becomes involved and knowledgeable about every client we serve. There’s no long “daisy-chain” where vital communication gets lost. We like clients who are not sitting there with a bottomless basket of money, just waiting for someone to spend it for them. We like to make every dollar our clients have work to full value. We aren’t trying to grow into a big outfit – we just want to work with clients we like and whose products/services are genuine. In a nutshell, here’s Venture:



We specialize in media analysis and media selection to create the most cost-effective media-mix for clients who do not have multi-million dollar budgets. Working with huge budgets enables people to cover their mistakes with sheer firepower – that’s raw dollars! We’ve never had that “luxury.” And glad of it. It makes us work harder, sharper.



While you can’t control timing or placement, as you can with advertising, publicity plays an equally vital role in the marketing package. We’ve always established solid rapport with editors, field editors, staff writers and free-lancers by being an available source for whatever they need. Publicity can range from a straight release to a more complex package of materials. Or in many cases, features can be developed out of ongoing exchanges with editors and writers.



Social media have become a vital element of marketing in the 21st century. We have created Facebook pages, YouTube channels and Twitter accounts, as well as developing and maintaining email programs and databases.



You name it, we’ve done it. Catalogs. Price lists. Newsletters. Promotional mailings. Packaging. Package inserts. Technical support documents. Display headers. Point-of-Purchase. 


Good photography adds greatly to the effectiveness of promotional materials and publicity.  We are photographers ourselves, but we do only field shots.  Studio setups are done by talented studios, such as Ken West Photography and others here in San Diego, as well as Ernie Anderson for specialized action photography.



Use of video for training and/or sales has become more widespread, and we’ve written, directed and produced a number of such video presentations. Duplicating these on CDs adds another dimension. We also write and produce original songs and soundtracks for websites, radio and TV. We also record and produce voiceovers.



There is no one “right” way to bill. Obviously, we need to generate income for the work we produce, but it should be based on reality. Each client situation has its own variations, but essentially we like to work on projects. Once a project has been determined, we provide our best estimate of costs. We do not work on fixed quotes because there can be variables, but our estimates are accurate guides. Where advertising is involved, we are compensated for media analysis, placement and monitoring by agency commissions granted by publishers. Creative work and production of ads is handled on a project basis.



If you are looking for an agency that cares, an agency that puts performance ahead of size, an agency that has years of successful experience, Venture may be just what you’re looking for. We’d welcome the opportunity to explore your projects to see if we can provide workable, affordable solutions.