General Info

Renew your membership or join the VO Tennis Club. 2019 registration fee is USD $30, due and payable PRIOR to league play and any use of courts 1 to 6.

    • Membership means options to play in:
        • East Valley Senior Tennis League (EVSTL) competitive play
        • Saturday Fun Tennis with other Venture Out players
        • Saturday invitationals - where we compete against players from another RV park in the East Valley
        • an hour and half of free group lessons each week
    • Contact Sylvia Griffiths, ( 480-639-0585) to pay your membership fee. She will accept membership fees at her unit at 230 Douglas. To join or renew, click this link.
    • Join the Club - If you wish to join the club to play in the EVSTL, contact Garth Durrell (, 613-692-2063 ), our EVSTL Coordinator, to determine your level of play.
    • New Members - Contact Mary Gilmet at 480 924-0878 to learn about the all important Tennis bulletin board at the Sports-Plex Kiosk.


  • October 28 thru November 2 is the Venture Out Fall Classic Tournament: Barry Taylor ( is the 2019 Chairman. He cannot do this without ALL of YOU!! Club members who plan to be here in October 2019, please contact Barry and offer to fill any of many spots needed to make our East Valley Tournament a success!

Show your pride and support of the Fall Classic with a tee shirt. The color is Royal Blue this year. Tee shirts are $13 for one or $25 for two. You can find the order form on line at the Fall Classic website and pay via Pay Pal or print and mail the form with check in USA funds.

Raffle baskets reminder. We have suggested that each team put together a Raffle Basket for the silent auction and raffle at the Fall Classic. If you have yours done, Lorna Johnson will store them over the summer. Take them to her house this week.

  • Beginner Tennis Club members. WEEKLY lessons are at the NE corner SPORTS-PLEX each Monday, courts 1 & 2 from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Drill and Play is Tuesday 2:00 to 3:30 pm.
  • Drop In Open Tennis welcomes all park residents and is held every Tuesday 3:30 -5:00pm and Thursday at 3:oo-5:00pm at the tennis courts at the Sportsplex. Come to the tennis Veranda to meet up. (NE corner of the park). Mix and Mingle with BYOB and snack.
  • EVSTL Team Lists are on the Kiosk tennis bulletin board at the Sports-Plex. Check off your available dates for the season . To see the team rosters go to the TenCap website. For questions contact the team captain or Garth Durrell ( or 480-324-6207), our EVSTL Coordinator. Remember to initial your team list at the beginning of each week to confirm that you are available to play. Notify your captain days in advance so captain can find another player for that week's league competition if you are scheduled but unable to play.

Check the TenCap website for the schedule of play and to see who your competition will be.

  • Mentor Program Sign Up sheets are posted at the Kiosk. If you are looking for a mentor in tennis, place your name on the list. If you are interested in mentoring a player, please add your name to that list.



  1. On the tennis courts near the entrance to the VO front gate, south of the laundry room room and patio are Courts 7 & 8. In the shed next to court 7 & 8 are loaner rackets and a book where groups of over four players can find a "round robin" play book. Each player selects a number for him/her self and checks the binder for the round number and who their partner's number is. Partners serve once each with backs to the sun, before changing end of court with other two players. You don't serve into the sun. If greater than four or eight players, those players sit out and socialize. Great way to meet new friends and form social circles. Round Round mixes everyone up to play with all the different players, no matter the skill level. This is social play.
  2. Drop In Open Tennis welcomes all park residents. Is held Every Tuesdays at 3:30 -5:00 pm and Thursdays at 3:oo-5:00pm at the tennis courts located in the Sportsplex. (NE corner of the park Entrance at 700 Blk of Navajo). Come to the tennis Veranda to meet up. (NE corner of the park). Mix and Mingle with BYOB and snack.
  3. "Fun Tennis Saturdays" on courts in the NE corner Sports Plex are also open to anyone living in VO. Check the "Calendar of Events" for dates of play. Sign up for "Fun Tennis" is generally available by Wednesday on the tennis kiosk bulletin board in the Sports-Plex,



  • To reserve courts 1-6. Court reservations are on-line at Hold My Court.
  • Courts will be available during league play after the Team Captains list the available courts at the Kiosk. If signed group is not on the court in first five minutes of signed for time, then they loose that court to players waiting. League play has priority.