VENTURE OUT FALL TENNIS CLASSIC.   Registration is closed.  If you'd like to be put on the Wait List, contact VOtennisclassic@gmail.com.

  • Summer 2019 play.  For play on the courts 7 & 8 and use of the ball machine contact Pat & Pat Murphy for the key to the shed.

Residents of VO do not need to be a club member to play tennis on the tennis courts near the entrance to the VO front gate, south of the laundry room room and patio are Courts 7 & 8.  These are non-reservable courts. Loaner rackets and balls are available in the shed adjacent to those courts.  They are used by anyone residing in Venture Out.  For sign-up method, first come basis.  See "Open Play" under PLAY in the menu item on the left side of this screen.


 For General Information about the Tennis Club itself or Tennis For All Residents...  Scroll Down:  

  • Review changes for next season in menu at left see official meeting minutes March 14th,2019  on the EAST VALLEY SENIOR TENNIS LEAGUE  web site under the External Link at left side menu. 

  • October 28 thru November 2 is Venture Out's own  Fall Classic Tournament:  Barry Taylor   b.c.taylor@sasktel.net  has stepped up to chair.   YEH! Barry.  We cannot do this without  ALL of YOU!!    Thank you.. Club members who expect to be here in October 2019, please contact Barry and offer to fill any of many spots needed to make our East Valley Tournament the success it has always been.
    • We Need YOU to play in the 2019 Fall Classic Tournament!    The on-line deadline for registering is April 30 so get your applications in.  We want a strong showing next fall from Venture Out.  It is fun and a great way to start the season. Click top of this page for all you need to know about the  2019 Fall Classic Tournament. 

    • Show your pride and support of the Fall Classic with a tee shirt. The color is Royal Blue this year.  Tee shirts are $13 for one or $25 for two. You can find the order form on line at the Fall Classic website and pay via Pay Pal or print and mail the form with check in USA funds.
    • Raffle baskets reminder. We have suggested that each team put together a Raffle Basket for the silent auction and raffle at the Fall Classic. If you have yours done, Lorna Johnson will store them over the summer. Take them to her house this week. 

  •  Monday's For Beginner Tennis Club members.  WEEKLY lessons are in NE corner SPORTS-PLEX each Monday courts 1 & 2 from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm..  Drill and Play is Tuesday 2:00 to 3:30 pm.  
  • Drop In Open Tennis welcomes all park residents Is held Every Tuesdays at 3:30 -5:00pm and Thursdays at 3:oo-5:00pm at the tennis courts located in the Sportsplex. Come to the tennis Veranda to meet up. (NE corner of the park). Mix and Mingle with BYOB and snack.

  • League Team Lists are on Kiosk tennis bulletin board at the Sports-Plex. Please check to see if you are on a team and shouldn't be, should be on a team but aren't, are on the wrong team, etc..things do go wrong.  Check off your available dates for the season . To see the team rosters go to the ten-cap web site (click on link on left side of this page). If questions contact the team captain or contact Garth Durrell  gdurrell@sympatico.ca    480-324-6207 EVSTL Coordinator.    Remember to initial your team list at beginning of each week to confirm you are available to play or notify your captain days in advance so captain can find another player for that week's league competition..

  • Do Check the 10 Cap Web site for your schedule of play and who your competition will be.  To go to the Ten Cap Web Page click-on, link is on menu to the left of this screen.  Info on how to access the info on that web site is further down on this web page.  Scroll down. 

  • Sign Up sheets are on the Kiosk for the Mentor Program.  If you are looking to improve your game place your name on that list.  If you recall when you were starting tennis or working to move up a level, you appreciated having some one give you one on one advice on what exactly you were doing wrong or what you needed to do to give yourself the edge.  Please return that favor and sign up to help those who want to take their game seriously. 

  • Captains need to remember to post courts not in use for league play on the day of league, so that other tennis players can use the empty courts.  Let's fully utilize our six courts.  All players who can get a foursome together should check the captains posting the day before a league competition. Contact others to put together a four some.  Or use the ball machine.

 INTERESTED IN COMPETITIVE PLAY AT YOUR SKILL LEVEL???  Interested in joining the VO Tennis Club???   If you are an experienced tennis player and wish to join the league, contact Garth Durrell gdurrell@sympatico.ca    613-692-2063 EVSTL Coordinator,  to determine at what play level you can join the league for competitive play with other East Valley resorts.   Contact Mary Gilmet 480 924-0878 to explain the all important Tennis bulletin board in the Sports-Plex for everything you need to know to participate in all the many activities.

Membership means ability to play once a week in East Valley League competition play, Saturday Fun Tennis with other VO players, Saturday invitationals where we compete with a team from another rv park in East Valley, and  an hour and half of free group      lessons each week by more advanced VO tennis players.  When ever there is competition with another park....there is food and socializing on the Veranda.  Come and watch and support our team mates.    The club has a social director who organizes parties,     dances, etc.  If you choose to provide your e-mail address you will receive occasional up dates on special happenings.   Dues payments...WELCOME ALL TENNIS PLAYERS TO VENTURE OUT. This years registration remains at $30 due and payable PRIOR to league play and any use of courts 1 to 6. Registration times will be posted on the bulletin board along with registration forms .     Bring your completed form with you.  They are available at the kiosk.   Please be careful taking your form out so that the package stays in place.  She will be collecting by cash, check, money order and providing your membership badge sticker. One must have the Venture Out RED hologram sticker for this season on your badge.Contact Sylvia Griffiths,   Sylvio_3@yahoo.ca 480-639-0585  . She will accept membership signup at her unit  at 230 Douglas  

NEVER TOO OLD....If you are 75 or Older the  75+ play group plays on Saturdays during this season. Click on the link in the menu on left side of this web page. Contact Leo Chabot at 480-485-6011 to join this group.

  1. On the tennis courts near the entrance to the VO front gate, south of the laundry room room and patio are Courts 7 & 8. In the shed next to court 7 & 8 are loaner rackets and a book where groups of over four players can find a "round robin" play book.  Each player selects a number for him/her self and checks the binder for the round number and who their partner's number is.  Partners serve once each with backs to the sun,  before changing end of court with other two players. You don't serve into the sun.  If greater than four or eight players, those players sit out and socialize.  Great way to  meet new friends and form social circles. Round  Round mixes everyone up to play with all the different players, no matter the skill level. This is social play. 
  2. Drop In Open Tennis welcomes all park residents Is held Every Tuesdays at 3:30 -5:00 pm and Thursdays at 3:oo-5:00pm at the tennis courts located in the Sportsplex. (NE corner of the park Entrance at 700 Blk of Navajo).  Come to the tennis Veranda to meet up. (NE corner of the park). Mix and Mingle with BYOB and snack.
  3.  "Fun Tennis Saturdays" on courts in the NE corner Sports Plex are also open to anyone living in VO. Check the "Calendar of Events" for dates of play. Sign up for "Fun Tennis"  is generally available by Wednesday on the tennis kiosk bulletin board in the Sports-Plex (Entrance off 800 Blk of Navajo). 



  • NEW.The "Hold My Court"   court bookings may be made on-line.  (The link to "Hold My Court" web page is available in the bottom left of the  menu on the left side of this screen.)  You will  be able to go in and reserve your Group time.  One person from your group will be needed to enter your group time and court. 
    • The instruction sheet for establishing access to the web page is in the menu on the left. 

  • .Go to the "Court Schedule" web page. Click on "Play" in the menu to the left on this page.   We can only play where you see the word “Group” or in our assigned periods for your level.

  • In addition, courts will be  available during the league morning competitions, Captains list the available courts at the Kiosk.  If signed group is not on the court in first five minutes of signed for time, then they loose that court to players waiting.  The league competition teams have priority in all cases on those mornings. 

  • In addition, play is available on Sundays in 90 minute court intervals.  Reserve the time period on the Sunday Play sheet posted on the north side of the Tennis Sports-Plex bulletin board.  Verify the date on that sheet.


 Our East Valley League web master created a more complete explanation of the 10 Cap rating procedure used for league competition play.   Look in menu on left under "Rating Procedure".

Once a member has established his/her user name and password, he/she may access the Ten Cap web page by clicking the link on the left side of this page ( store the site in your browser's "favorites/bookmarks"). 

 If your ten-cap confidence level is 80% or over(as per EVSTL bylaws) you will be placed at the level where your tencap falls: 2.0 level is 62-69, 2.5 level is 55-61, 3.0 level is 48-54, 3.5 level is 41-47, and 4.0 level is 34-4  One can now play up or down a level.  At this holiday break, we can choose to go down to another team if our Ten Cap is in that range. You need to be 3 points into the higher level to go up now(only 1 point at the end of season). If someone has to withdraw from a match, nothing will be recorded unless one set has been completed. .

   For all the players who have not accepted the invitation to join the VO network, do so as soon as you read this..go to evstl.tencapsports.com, then sign in with the email and password that you set last year, then look up..way way up..at the very top right of the page where you will see your name. There will be a little box next to the help box, click on that box and click accept invitation..then click "process the invitation". Then you're in!   

For everyone..when you sign in, you will see your ten cap numbers and photo.

    • If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot Your Password" feature on the Log In page and Tencap will email it to the email address on file (most often your email address is your Log In ID).
    • If the email address in Ten cap is incorrect: Contact: Garth Durrell gdurrell@sympatico.ca    480-324-6207 EVSTL Coordinator.
    • Log into your account and click the "edit profile" and right beside that photo"Contact Information" and change it..especially phone numbers..  
      • If you can't log into your account because the system will only send your password to an incorrect email address then contact your club Ten cap coordinator  with the correct email address.  She will get it corrected for you through the EVSTL Network Administrator.
    • If you already have a Ten cap account, DO NOT TRY TO SET UP ANOTHER ACCOUNT.  If you set up another account, that will tie up your email address and you will not be able to use that email address on your EVSTL account.  It is a case of causing DOUBLE TROUBLE.

Ten cap..if you’ve forgotten how to use ten cap, or never knew and want do try, please see Garth Durrell gdurrell@sympatico.ca    613-692-2063 EVSTL Coordinator. If anyone is having trouble getting into their Ten Cap web site info, please see Garth who can fix forgotten passwords, forgotten user names “



Check out the 'Photo Gallery'. on the left side of this screen. Full club memberships pictures. (men & women) as well as ..link to pictures from Fall Classics and other pics.  Click on "Photo Gallery" in the menu on the left side of this screen.  Once you get to the Fall Classics' pictures, just keep clicking for "more" pics and click the arrow on right side of each gallery pic. THANKS TO OUR PHOTOGRAPHER AND MIKE.  

Have you watched yourself on channel 17 See tennis club stars.  Check out this link (double click on this hyperlink ). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4097P07a28&feature=plcp


Need to contact the tennis Veranda?   480/218-5976 VERANDA PHONE.  A member phone list is available below the red ( land-line, local 480 or 602 area code calls) phone located on the Veranda. 
Do we need to send a "thinking of you"  card? Please let the SUNSHINE PERSON know.... see Officer list. 

You may now PRINT THE MEMBERSHIP LIST  direct from the web page: Click "MEMBERS" on the left side of this page . But be aware that list is constantly being updated so check back now and then.   A member of tennis club reported she could not get the member list on the web site to scroll down on her I-Pad. After some experimenting I found the following solution.  Once you pull up the MEMBERS  list it will only display “sheet 1”.    Go up to top of the screen and click on REFRESH….THE LITTLE CIRCLE WITH A BACKWARDS ARROW.  Once it refreshes the web page you will be  able to scroll down to all the names on list and scroll to the side for phone numbers and addresses.   For those with I-Phones you will need to turn the phone vertical to display the list.  

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