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The latest from President Sally Johnston:

  • This is from Stan: please go to this web site to view the 3 different ball machines. www.azcourtequipment.com/playmate-ball-machines
    • The most expensive machine is about $7600; the middle priced one is about $5700; the one similar to what we now have is about $4800.
    • In February we will be able to see them in person. So view the web site above so you are familiar with them and can ask relevant questions.
  • Carol Rice would like you to know that Fun Tennis this Saturday is open to any tennis player in the park. So if you have guests that play tennis and they want to join us, they may.
  • Volunteers needed for the Nominating committee. If you don't volunteer, you may get appointed. Please let me know this week. Thank you.
  • Reminder: the Annual Tennis Event is being held February 1st. The deadline is January 27th. Sign up is posted on the Old Bulletin Board. There will be 4 teams. Will you be on the Butterfingers, the Starbursts, Snickers or Sweetarts? Sign up and you will be placed on a team. It is great fun!
  • Taco Salad is January 30th. Sign up at the kiosk to help.


Residents of VO do not need to be a tennis club member to play on the tennis courts near the entrance to the VO front gate, south of the laundry room room and patio, Courts 7 & 8. These are non-reservable courts. Loaner rackets and balls are available in the shed adjacent to those courts and can be used by anyone residing in Venture Out.