Lead the Adventure!*

Venture Crew 29 is a group of young people who got together to have outdoor adventures: camping, backpacking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding. We're based in Madison, Wisconsin, part of the Glaciers Edge Council, and chartered by the incredibly supportive Bashford United Methodist Church.

Crew 29 is coed, about evenly divided between young men and young women, and currently ranges in age from 14 to 20 (Venturing is open to youth aged 14-21).

Recent outings and service projects include a day trip to Horicon National Wildlife Refuge for birdwatching and photography, serving our hosts at Bashford Church a delicious pancake breakfast, helping Veterans for Peace set up their Memorial Mile Project, and a paddle/camping trip at Wildcat Mountain State Park and the Kickapoo River Reserve.

Hiking in Devil's Lake State Park

Service: Pancake breakfast for Bashford United Methodist
The Malisches make with the tasty food.

Teaching outdoor skills to Scout adult leaders

Service: Campus cleanup at East High School

*But absolutely NO bank robberies.

Why join C29?

Venturing gives youth the opportunity to go on bona fide adventures, backed up with trained adult advisors for safety and guidance.

More, it gives them opportunities to develop ethics by living them, and leadership skills by using them.

The outdoor focus of our Crew flows from our youth members' love for the natural world, and gives even city kids a chance to get "out there" and develop a land ethic via lived experiences.