Events Calendar

All Concert Performances start promptly at 7:00pm in the Ventura High School Auditorium.

Fall and Winter 2018____________________ ___

January 17 Jazz Ensembles Winter Concert

February 9 Chamber Music Concert

Spring 2019______________________________

March 14 Festival Concert

April 12 Ventura Youth Symphony and Chamber Spring Concert

April 13 SCSBOA Solo/Ensemble Festival

April 25-29 Wind Ensemble Honors @ GNAI Atlanta

May 16 Spring Concert I (CB/GSE/WE)

May 21 Spring Concert II (JZ )

May 22 Concerto Concert Dress Rehearsal (WEH/SO)

May 23 Spring and Concerto Concert (WEH/SO)

June 7 Spring Gala @ Poinsettia Pavilion Students/Parents 5:30pm – 8:30pm

June 13 Graduation Performance (WEH/WE) 1:00pm – 4:00pm