Ventura Breastfeeding Support 

Diane Berger, RN PHN, provides In-Home Breastfeeding Support, Lactation Services,  Breastpump Assistance and Breastfeeding Classes in Ventura County.

Breastfeeding fosters trust and provides for secure attachments between mother and baby. 

A baby is born with  a  unique set of reflexive feeding behaviors that when supported flourish without much intervention. Successful breastfeeding may take time; it is a process assisted by patience, practice and perseverance.

The initial days after a baby is born is a blur for many families. Sometimes baby doesn't latch or feed as well as he or she should. For these families just a little support and information make for an easy transition to natural breastfeeding. Other families may require additional support to successfully breastfeed. For all of these women, whether their concerns are simple or complex, a consultation with a lactation professional may ease the early weeks with their baby and build confidence in meeting their breastfeeding goals.


Diane Berger, RN PHN, is a resident of Ventura County and  has many  years of professional experience in working through  the varied issues faced by breastfeeding mothers and babies, including latch on difficulties, severe engorgement, prematurity, overproduction, low milk supply, sore nipples, multiple babies, inadequate weight gain for infant, breast surgery, adoptive breastfeeding, supplementing, and pumping. Diane cherished her time breastfeeding her own three boys and provides loving support and education for breastfeeding moms and babies in their own home.

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