Welcome to Ventor24 Games!
    Ventor's Game's is coming out with a totally new and incredible program. Not only is this program cool, but it is customized to YOU! You can go and fill out a form and I will build you a customized program. This is a limited thing, so take advatage of it NOW!!!! Learn More....

OR Go to Form> Customized Page

We also have a new comment page, where you can comment on the the games.
I have been diligently working on new games, learning new code to improve and make the games a little more fun for you guys!

Games are coming out quickly, such as.....AstroShip
Doodle is out and updated, with lots of features, if you play around with it you may 
find some hidden features!

Etch a Sketch is out, and running, it is similiar to doodle in the fact that you draw, but it is much more challenging!!! 
Keep checking up frequently for more games!!

I hope that you check out this whole site, because all of it is getting changed and revamped. Hope you enjoy the games, remember you can download them FREE right here> DownLoads

I would like to Thank FireStar333 for helping create one of my games that will be out shortly. More details here> Basic Info
If you would like to learn more about FireStar333 view sites regarding him>http://sites.google.com/site/wlagamesite

Once again I would like to thank MedicineStorm and his help and support for getting me where I am. If you would like to learn more about the man that taught me everything, check out this link> Project Utumno

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Jesse Schaa
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