Independent Reading Project

R180 Independent Reading Project

Independent Reading Project: 
You will have to turn in an Independent Reading Project once every two months. This project will not be paper based. You will read, at your own pace, and on Fridays, a book that you choose (you should have brought your borrowed or purchased book today). You will have to create a Book Report - but not your traditional book report. You need to create a multimedia presentation that will then be posted to a central page (will probably be to the Edmodo assignment), or handed in (in the case of a drawing, diagram, or other kind of non-writing project). If you don't have a computer or access to a computer with internet, come talk to me. We will try to find one that fits your budget - and if your family doesn't have a budget for it at this time, we'll find resources that you can access for free such as the Library, Classroom Computers, and Community Computer centers. Here are some possible ideas:
Web Resources:
Prezi (good for making an interactive slide show. level: 3)
Popplet (great for mind maps. level: 2)
LucidChart (very powerful charting tool. level: 4)
youtube (make a video: like a book review, for example. level: 1)
google documents Presentation: (like powerpoint, but cloud. level: 2)
Voicethread (upload pictures and then record your voice talking over it. level: 3)
Animoto (animated slide show, use the classroom account. level: 1)
Offline Resources:
MS Powerpoint: standard powerpoint
Open Office Presentation: like powerpoint
Windows Movie Maker
Whichever format you choose, you will have to present it. Due date will be the last week of the second month.